Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

What is AHEGS?

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) is the Australian equivalent of the European Diploma Supplement. It takes the form of a document provided to graduates by the awarding institution.

An AHEGS is issued in addition to other documentation, such as testamurs and academic transcripts. Its purpose is to describe a higher education qualification in an easily understandable way, providing greater transparency by including descriptions of the nature, level, context and status of the studies undertaken as well as information about the education system to which the qualification belongs.

The AHEGS was strongly supported by Australian universities and other stakeholders to assist students seeking employment or further studies both in Australia and abroad. It has the potential to make Australian awards better understood internationally and thus enhance the international mobility of graduates and the competitiveness of Australian graduates in the international higher education export market.

The format of the AHEGS is prescribed and consists of five sections. Each section contains mandatory and optional informational elements. The sections are:

  • Section 1 - The graduate
  • Section 2 - The award
  • Section 3 - The awarding institution
  • Section 4 - The graduate's academic achievements
  • Section 5 - A description of the Australian Higher Education System


What is on the graduation statement?

In addition to academic results, the graduation statement includes details on the degree itself, the awarding institution and a description of the Australian higher education system.

When will I receive my graduation statement?

Graduates will receive their graduation statement with their testamur at the time of conferral. For those attending a graduation ceremony, this will be as the graduate accepts his/her award at the ceremony. For those graduating in absentia, the statement will be posted with the other graduation documents.

Who is eligible to receive a graduation statement?

Students who completed the requirements for a degree on or after 1September 2010 are eligible to receive a graduation statement when they are conferred.

Can I get a graduation statement for a degree I completed prior to 1 September 2010?

If a graduate completed the requirements for a degree prior to 1September 2010, he/she is not eligible to receive a graduation statement for that degree.

What is the difference between a graduation statement and an academic transcript?

The academic transcript is an evolving document that contains a student's complete academic history and is available at any time. As a student progresses, the academic transcript reflects as such. The graduation statement is a snapshot document containing specific information pertaining to an individual award and is available only upon graduation of that award. Subsequent copies of the document will contain the same information as the original.

Will my fail/withdrawal results be on my graduation statement?

All results recorded against the specified degree will be presented on the graduation statement. This includes any failures or withdrawals.

How can I request that something be added to or removed from my graduation statement?

The graduation statement is produced using a specified template, approved by the University, which meets the AHEGS guidelines set out by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). Therefore it is not possible to have individual achievements added to or removed from the graduation statement.

Will my grade point average (GPA) be on my graduation statement?

A GPA will not appear on the graduation statement at this time.

Why are some of my results missing from the graduation statement?

The graduation statement will display any enrolment and associated results that were recorded against a particular program or degree. This includes credit for courses undertaken in a previous program at FedUni or from another institution.

What do I do if there is an error on my graduation statement?

Every effort is made to ensure that your graduation statement is correct and true. However, if you find that there is an error on the statement, such as a misprint, please seek advice from the Graduations Office in Student Administration.

I'm graduating from a combined degree program. Will I receive two statements?

Graduates will receive a graduation statement for each testamur they receive. This means that graduates of a combined program leading to two eligible degrees and receiving two testamurs will also receive two graduation statements.

How do I get a replacement graduation statement?

To obtain a replacement you must complete the application form.

Application forms are available from the Graduation Office.

The cost for a replacement is $50 AUD, paid by cash, cheque, money order, Visa or MasterCard. Payment must accompany the application form.

Your replacement AHEGS will be available within 5 working days of your request being received, provided you have no outstanding fees.

Will my replacement graduation statement be the same as the original?

Depending on the date your Graduation Statement is printed, the design on the paper may vary from the original. The content of the Graduation Statement will be identical to the original.

Can I get my graduation statement if I have outstanding fees?

A graduation statement will not be issued if a student has an outstanding debt to the University.

I received an award after I graduated. Can it be included on my graduation statement?

Currently, awards and prizes will not be included on the graduation statement. This may be information that FedUni adds to the graduation statement in the future.