Cross-institutional study options for FedUni students

Information for FedUni students wishing to undertake cross-institutional study with a RUN university

FedUni students have the option to choose from a range of units offered through partner institutions of the Regional Universities Network (RUN), including popular language options:

Conditions of enrolment

  • You must have official approval from FedUni prior to undertaking cross-institutional studies at another RUN university – this is to ensure that the unit/course you select is compatible with your course of study at FedUni
  • You will incur the RUN provider university's fees/HECS-HELP liabilities for the units/courses in which you enrol
  • The usual enrolment deadlines for the RUN provider university will apply and late enrolment requests may be declined
  • Upon completion of your cross-institutional studies you must submit an official copy of your results to FedUni for processing

How do I apply to undertake cross-institutional study?

  1. Obtain approval from your FedUni program coordinator and complete FedUni's Application for Cross Institutional Study (Outbound) form (pdf, 299kb).
  2. Complete and submit the appropriate application and approval forms to the RUN provider university.

RUN university application webpages:

What do I need to consider?

  1. Select the course/s (unit/s) you wish to study from the RUN provider university's web site.
  2. Discuss with FedUni including any consideration for pre-requisites for the course/s (unit/s) you wish to study.
  3. Determine how the course (unit) is assessed eg is there an examination and where can you do this. In most cases an exam can be set up at your home university
  4. Obtain a signature from your university approving your application
  5. Remember to check the teaching calendar for the university teaching the course/unit/subject. Some universities are on semesters while others are on trimesters. This information is usually published within each university's important dates.
  6. On the application form tick YES to the question Is this request through the RUN program?