Cross-institutional studies (inbound RUN students)

I'm from another university; can I study FedUni courses (units)?

As a member of the RUN, FedUni welcomes applications from students of other RUN members who wish to study on a cross-institutional basis. Options available include:

Creative writing

LITCR1001 Introduction to Creative Writing
LITCR1002 Expository Writing: Social Justice and Ethical Issue

Film and television

ATSGC2448/3448 Screen Theories and Techniques
FLMOL1001 Australian Cinema
FLMGL1102 Hollywood Cinema

Conditions of enrolment

  • You must have official approval to study the specified FedUni courses (units) from your home university
  • You will incur the appropriate FedUni fees/HECS-HELP liabilities
  • The usual FedUni enrolment deadlines will apply and late enrolment requests may be declined

How do I apply?

  1. Please complete the FedUni application form (pdf, 299kb)
  2. Send to FedUni admissions centre for processing

What do I need to consider?

  1. Select the course/s (unit/s) you wish to study from FedUni's web site
  2. Discuss with your home university including any consideration for pre-requisites for the course/s (unit/s) you wish to study.
  3. Determine how the course (unit) is assessed eg is there an examination and where can you do this. In most cases an exam can be set up at your home university
  4. Obtain a signature from your home university approving your application
  5. Check our important dates. Some universities are on semesters while others are on trimesters – as such application dates will vary.
  6. Tick YES to the question Is this request through the RUN program? on your FedUni application form.