Cross-institutional study

Your options under the RUN agreement

Cross-institutional study is study across more than one institution where the courses (units) studied at each institution are counted towards the degree or award the student is enrolled in at their home institution.

Courses (units) undertaken on a cross-institutional basis must count towards the program (course) you are enrolled in at your home university and be approved by your home university.

What is the RUN?

The Regional Universities Network (RUN) is a network of six universities with headquarters in regional Australia and a shared commitment to playing a transformative role in their regions.

Through their educational and research contributions to regional economic, social, cultural and environmental development, the RUN member universities play an important and distinctive role in advancing Australia's national prosperity, productivity and identity.

The network was established in October 2011. The foundation members are Central Queensland University, Southern Cross University, Federation University Australia, University of New England, University of Southern Queensland and University of the Sunshine Coast.

For further information please visit the RUN website.

Which units can I study under the RUN agreement?

Can I study units outside the RUN list of units?

Yes, with your home university's approval. However your application will be considered under the University's standard admission rules and processes. 

As with all cross-institutional study, if you select units that are not approved by your home university these units may not be considered towards your award at your home university.

Ownership of results

Once you have completed your cross-institutional study, you will need to take a transcript of your results to your home university to add to your academic record.

How do I apply?

This will vary dependent on the university to which you are applying – please contact the admissions area of your chosen institution.