Emotional intelligence series

Resources from past workshops

Time management

What’s the one thing we all have in common? Time. We each have 168-hours each and every week, and the difference is all in how we think about time and how we use it. In this workshop, you will learn how to focus on high-importance tasks, overcome procrastination, get more done with less stress and increase your productivity. If you want to take control of your time, this is the workshop for you!

- Assess your week using ‘time accounting’ formulas 
- Evaluate tasks on an importance vs urgency matrix 
- Design your ‘dream day’ using chunking with ‘padding’ and ‘fattening’  
- Apply the 60&One, 60&You and 60&RAP formulas to overcome procrastination 
- Apply the 2-minute rule and the 5-second rule to get more done in less time 
- Learn the basics on time management, prioritisation and calendar management


Growth mindset & resilience

In 2020, 'Resilience' was the what Top-5 skills employers were looking for (AFR Top 100 Graduate Employers Magazine, 2020). What does resilience mean? How can you develop it? Are you feeling ready to tackle the challenges life throws at you or do you feel the challenges are getting the better of you? In this workshop, you will learn how to triumph over challenges and apply a growth mindset to obstacles, feedback, learning, opportunities, goals and more! If you are ready to take control of the way your thinking influences the results you are achieving in all aspects of life, this workshop is for you! 

- Identify the 8-elements of a growth mindset 
- Strengthen their physical, emotional, mental and social energy sources 
- Develop a 'System of Support' to thrive in the face of any challenge



How do you stay motivated and where does motivation come from? In this workshop, you will learn about the six intrinsic drivers of motivation, self-assess where you are performing at your best and develop an action plan to feel better and stay on track over the year ahead.

- Describe the drivers of motivation 
- Assess their personal motivation hierarchy across the drivers of motivation 
- Understand and empathise with the needs of peers and students 
- Motivate individuals and teams by applying actions from each of the drivers


Communication skills

Did you know that 93% of making an impression is not what you say? (Journal of Counselling Psychology) When you meet with an employer, how will you tell your story & show them you're the perfect fit for the role? In this workshop, you will practice the skills to compel employers to engage with you on a personal level, understand your motivations & be moved to act on your 'ask.'  You can take this skillset to social platforms such as LinkedIn, Youtube or podcasting to build your 'personal brand,' or keep it as a tool to use whenever you are having important career conversations. Either way, you will be a more confident communicator by the end of this workshop!

- Identify techniques of effective communication in all speakers you admire so you can 'model' them 
- Apply the 55:38:7 Rule of Communication (55% body language, 38% voice/tone, 7% word choice) 
- Utilise the storytelling framework to tell powerful stories


Leadership mindsets

Who is somebody that has had a positive impact in your life? How did they do it? In this session, you will learn about 4-leadership archetypes based on the Visionary, Pacesetter, Coach and Relationship Builder. Leadership is a minute by minute choice, and after this workshop you will be able to make an even more informed choice on how you want to lead in your life and how to thrive as a leader in 2021 

- Derive the principles of strong leadership from personal experience 
- Describe the 4 leadership archetypes 
- Assess your areas of strength and development across the archetypes 
- Apply the 4 leadership archetypes to situations you may face 
- Apply the 4 leadership archetypes to your personal/academic goals in 2021