Disability Student Charter

You can expect Federation University to...

  • Support you with the availability of Disability and Learning Access Officers (DLAO).
  • Respect your right to services, facilities and equipment which maximise independent and equitable participation at University.
  • Ensure access to academic programs for people with disabilities who meet the criteria for admission.
  • Develop and maintain a campus environment that is safe and provides the same ease of access for all students.
  • Develop and offer an inclusive curriculum, modify or substitute learning tasks and assessment to meet the needs of students with disabilities, without compromising academic standards.
  • Respect your rights to privacy and confidentiality of information.
  • Provide equipment and facilities which prevent or overcome barriers to your participation in University activities.
  • Develop and/or maintain policies and systems within the University that are inclusive and/or responsive to the needs of students with disabilities.
  • Provide the opportunity for you to seek redress if you feel that the adjustments or support provided are not satisfactory or if they feel they have been discriminated against on the basis of disability.

Federation University expects you to...

  • Disclose on your enrolment form if you have a disability and may require support.
  • Register with the Disability and Learning Access Officer at the time of acquiring a disability if you are likely to require support.
  • With as much advance notice as possible, provide information to assist assessment of and support for your disability, either to the DLAO or to a relevant institute or school staff member.
  • Specify which people you give permission to have access to information about your disability.
  • Provide documentation from a medical or other health or educational professional confirming you have a disability and require accommodations to be made.
  • If registered for disability study support, provide a copy of relevant timetable information and, if appropriate, a full subject guide prior to the commencement of support.
  • If registered, keep your DLAO informed any changes to your contact and study details.
  • Give advance notice to your support worker or the DLAO if you will be late or unable to attend an appointment.
  • Show consideration and respect towards access and support staff and, where necessary, explain clearly personal needs and preferences, eg. abbreviation to be used, layout of notes, or attendant care needs.
  • Understand that if you consistently miss support appointments, support may be withdrawn until renegotiated and formalised in a written support agreement.
  • Inform your DLAO if support is not meeting your needs.