Coronavirus Special Assistance Scheme

Special assistance for students impacted by coronavirus.

Federation University will provide financial assistance up to A$1,500 to support commencing and currently enrolled students impacted by coronavirus. This includes those who have experienced financial loss due to:

  • Inability to travel from mainland China as planned,
  • Rerouting journeys to avoid transiting through mainland China, or
  • Costs associated with adhering to the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

Federation University will fund the initial 14-day home isolation accommodation cost if impacted students nominate to home-isolate at FedLiving.

Please contact Federation University on +61 3 5327 9446 for advice on how to get access to the scheme.

Eligibility criteria


  • Student unable to leave mainland China due to Australian Government travel restrictions
  • Student travelling from China to third country to serve Australian 14-day quarantine requirements
  • Student who has incurred a financial loss due to the need to re-route travel to avoid mainland China
  • Other financial loss directly resulting from the impact of coronavirus (e.g. need to care for family member)

Home isolation support

Federation University will offer support to students who nominate to home-isolate at FedLiving. Federation University will fund the initial 14-day home isolation accommodation cost. Further funding of accommodation costs associated with an extended home isolation period, beyond the mandatory 14-day period (when medically required) will be considered.

Students attending Federation University from mainland China and nominating to stay with FedLiving for their home-isolation period must agree to follow the Federation University Home Isolation Guidelines.