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Share in Federation University Australia’s research excellence and networks

We’re here to help you partner with us to solve problems and pursue new opportunities for your business or organisation.

Our aim is to connect you to Federation University Australia’s research expertise and networks to give you the edge you need.

We can help you undertake professional development opportunities tailored to your business, access our research, take advantage of our consultancy services, and develop effective strategies and policies within your business or organisation.

Partner with us

Partnering with us is about more than getting a job done. It’s about building an ongoing relationship.

Business Partnerships helps you to become part of innovative and targeted collaborations that will benefit your business or organisation for years to come.

Partnering with us opens you up to a world of rich experience and vast talent. You will get access to the University’s research in a wide variety of areas as well as our networks, facilities and assets. We have a proven ability to successfully implement diverse projects large and small.

Access industry professional development

We have our finger on the pulse of what organisations and businesses need.

Our straightforward, practical approach is backed by extensive industry experience and academic research. We understand the challenges facing organisations working within regional, national and global economies.

Our professional development opportunities deliver insights and techniques to improve your employee performance, organisational effectiveness and profitability. We can customise these education solutions to suit your needs.

From short courses through to masters-level programs, our professional development can be delivered at your workplace, online or in a combination of the two. Many of our professional development solutions are aligned to nationally accredited courses, and those who successfully complete this study can graduate with a university qualification.

Access research

Our research is not only internationally recognised; it’s also relevant to you.

With our extensive networks, we can help you tap into the world-class expertise of our researchers to create targeted, local solutions.

Our research focuses on a wide range of topics, and offers both theoretical and applied solutions for the community and industry. We favour a collaborative approach that delivers real outcomes and tangible benefits for all involved.

Often multidisciplinary and involving stakeholders from industry, government and the community, our research is connected to the following broad industry sectors and enabling areas:

  • Agriculture and environment
  • Culture, leisure, heritage and tourism
  • Education, careers and community well-being
  • Engineering, construction and manufacturing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health and well-being
  • Logistics and transport.

Access consultancy services

Whatever the size of your business or organisation, we can give you the support and advice you need to succeed.

Our consultancy services are designed to assist public and private sector organisations that want to be more effective and competitive. We offer significant capability in all areas of business and leadership, from the discovery phase and incubation programs right through to large-scale strategic management plans.

Our research centres and experienced staff are here to consult with you on projects large and small.

Access strategy and policy expertise

Achieving your goals as a business or organisation means creating effective strategies and policies.

Business and organisations need policies and processes around everything from ethics to business systems. And these polices and processes need to align with those of government, suppliers and other stakeholders so you can work together with them effectively.

Business Partnerships can assist you to develop strategy and policy that will enable you to improve and innovate within your industry.

We’re here to help you create strategies based on industry and community insights, and to put policies and processes in place to help you implement them.

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