Health Innovation Project

The Collaborative Evaluation Unit (CEU) has partnered with the Latrobe Valley Authority to deliver the Health and Wellbeing stream of the Gippsland Smart Specialisation Strategy (GS3). The Smart Specialisation approach is based on three principals:

  • Smart: Identify the regions own strength, comparative and competitive assets
  • Specialisation: Prioritise research and innovation in competitive areas
  • Strategic; define and develop shared vision for regional innovation

Working in partnership with stakeholders, the CEU will explore current and future strengths and challenges in the heath sector. A series of workshops will lead a collaborative Discovery, Inquiry and Design process that is evidence based to explore strengths and opportunities.

Inquiry Phase

The Inquiry Phase of the Health Innovation Project will utilise activities and strategies to dive into issues that were identified in the Discovery Phase. During the Inquiry Phase the emphasis will be on exploring the depth and reach of the issues and mapping the trajectory of the issues to ascertain the sustainability of the need in the region. At the end of this phase, health issues will have been prioritised in preparation for the design phase of the project.

Four themes were identified during the discovery phase:

1. Digital Health

  • Literacy
  • Access for rural remote communities
  • Systems / Infrastructure
  • Transition to a more hybrid service delivery model resulting from COVID, including digital patient monitoring, GP access, youth, mental health and acute care

2. Community Resilience and Wellbeing

  • Climate change: building resilience in communities
  • Stable and consistent response system to emergencies and disasters
  • Focus on individual townships

3. Place-Based

  • Disconnect in rural and regional communities between funding and capacity, particularly in East Gippsland where funding is available, but workforce and community capacity is limited
  • Economic development that has a social benefit to grow towns and regions
  • Service equity in rural / remote communities

4. Data Sharing and Governance

  • Using projects/programs identified to look at how data sharing and governance could / did enhance outcomes
  • Issue analytics
  • Sharing data to inform change
  • Workforce analytics and predictions
  • Health innovation data / data governance hub

Inquiry Phase Workshop 1

Workshop 1 will be held at a venue in Morwell.

Workshop 1

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Date: 17th February 2022

Time: 10.00am – 1pm (Lunch included)

Venue: To be Advised

To register: Inquiry Phase Workshop 1

Discovery Phase

Discovery Workshop 2

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Discovery Workshop 1

For more information about Discovery Workshop 1 Click here