Regional Carbon Innovation Centre

FedUni’s Carbon Technology Research Centre (CTRC) and ACI have been working together to develop the Regional Carbon Innovation Centre (RCIC) in the Latrobe Valley.

The proposed RCIC is intended as a physical collaborative hub for innovation, research and development, providing organisations with the opportunity to develop early-stage technologies to a demonstration and pre-commercialisation stage.

The RCIC would be the first facility its kind in Australia, providing access to a range of complex process technologies to support faster and lower cost product innovation cycles. It has the potential to enable a new generation of investment, growth and jobs for Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley.

The Centre would focus on carbon-related products and technologies that address emerging and established markets including agricultural products, advanced carbon materials, high value chemicals including hydrogen and alternative fuels, and technologies for carbon capture, utilisation and storage.

By helping to lower the costs associated with demonstrating this research at commercial scale, the RCIC will play a pivotal role in commercialising high-value carbon-related products and technologies in the Latrobe Valley to supply markets both domestically and overseas.

The RCIC has so far received funding from ACI, FedUni and Regional Development Victoria and is estimated to bring over 1,000 jobs to the Latrobe Valley.

Read more about the proposed RCIC on our News and Events page.

Project timeline

  • 1Q 2019: Feasibility study completed
  • 2Q 2019: Project commitment and business case funding
  • 1Q 2020: Funding approval, design, construction, operation, commitment to project through stage-gate funding approval process
  • 1Q 2020: Business case – funding models, secure site, capital cost estimate (30% estimate)
  • 2022: Detailed design and construction
  • 10-15 year operational funding commitment.

Feasibility study

FedUni and ACI have released a report on the feasibility study of the proposed RCIC.

The study aims to evaluate the potential of the RCIC, covering viability, key benefits, potential locations, planning considerations and demands for a facility in support of an application for funding and subsequent planning and development stages.

Download the full report from the ACI website (PDF, 10.8mb).