Latrobe Creative Precinct to open with a timely message

Latrobe Creative Precinct concept art

The Latrobe Creative Precinct is scheduled to open in 2020 with a collaborative musical theatre production involving local creatives from 8-80 years of age.

The production will be an adaptation of Momo, a 1973 novel by German author Michael Ende, which tells the story of a young woman who helps the people of a rural town regain their sense of community and lost time.

It aims to bring together the performing arts community in Gippsland and beyond, including professional singers and actors, Federation Arts Academy students and local school children.

Participants as young as eight and 80 will be invited to participate in the production of this intergenerational story, which is likely to appeal to a broad audience.

Momo and the opening of the Creative Precinct presents the University with a unique opportunity to connect its education, research and innovation activities with the creative arts sector and the wider community.

The production is being led by writer/director Anthony Crowley, who is a FedUni lecturer in contemporary performance practice, and composer/music director Richard Chew, who is Director of Federation’s Arts Academy.

Momo deals with how we stay connected with each other in a world that is constantly changing, and where the pressures of time often make us lose our sense of imagination and play.

It is anticipated that the story’s themes of community, difference, creativity and transformation will be particularly resonant for Gippslanders in this time of great change for the region.

A network of partnerships is being built to fund and develop the Momo project, with a ‘making of’ documentary proposed as part of the production.

The world premiere of Momo is planned as one of a number of opening events for the new Latrobe Creative Precinct being built in Traralgon.

$30m in funding has been secured for the precinct, with $10m each coming from the Victoria Government, the Federal Government and Latrobe City Council.

The Centre will include a 750-seat theatre within the new performing arts centre, a multi-purpose studio, meeting rooms, café, and outdoor event spaces.

Placing the Gippsland community centre-stage, Momo aims to help locals engage in the process of cultural renewal that the new Latrobe Creative Precinct represents.