Paul Andrew Riley scholarships

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The Paul Andrew Riley scholarships are available to apprentices studying either Certificate III in Carpentry, Certificate III in Joinery, or Certificate III in Cabinet Making enrolled at a Federation University campus.

Ten scholarships are available to the value of $1,000 each.

About Paul Andrew Riley

Paul Andrew Riley was a cabinet maker by trade. He was a man with many layers who made anyone around him feel comfortable. He had an amazing buoyancy which was infectious, and a genuine gravity. He could adapt to entertain and raise people's spirits. And he had a soft sensitive centre surrounded by an ability to give.

The connection of Paul's personality and his trade is a part of him we can all learn from. His amazing physique and strong body was a testament to a strong mind. His creativity and an ability express this through skilled hands was a reflection of the relationship he has with nature and the wonderful world of woodworking.

These scholarships were founded because this man touched so many lives with warmth, laughter, determination, integrity, skill and for his role in supplying thousands of craftsman timber which he new was humbling to use and grounding to touch. Those of us who are blessed with having known Paul know he still has mountains to move and hundreds of kilometres of trees to climb. These scholarships will help those who climb continuing with his spirit and his work.

Development of the Scholarships

Those exhibitors interested in contributing towards these annual scholarships can either make a payment online, noting that the donation is for the Paul Riley scholarship or contact Candice Tocknell-Gray via email


2019 Paul Andrew Riley scholarships