How to apply: Tilt Renewable Energy Scholarships

Applications open: Applications are currently closed
Applications close:

  1. Read the Selection and administration guidelines to check your eligibility.
  2. Enter your information into KickStart If you have previously completed KickStart, you are not required to complete it again. If you need to update details from KickStart, please contact the Scholarships office –
  3. Answer the Foundation scholarship question
    If successful, a Foundation Scholarship will support your academic study and life / career plans.  In no more than 300 words, let us know about your vision / goals for yourself both now and in the long term.
  4. Provide one written reference
    If you are unsure what to provide in a written reference, please refer to the example reference.
    Please do not provide contact details only for referees.  Only written references will be accepted
    References will be accepted  from an employer, lecturer, colleague, friend etc.  
    References cannot be from a family member

Applicants who do not provide the above information by the closing date will be ineligible.