Asylum Seeker Scholarships

  • Category Foundation
  • Location Ballarat; Berwick; Gippsland; Online; Wimmera
  • Annual value $7,000
  • Open date 18/01/2021
  • Close date 26/02/2021
  • Study sector Higher education; TAFE
  • Study level Certificate; Diploma; FAST (pre-bachelor); Bachelor; Honours; Postgraduate
  • Student type International
  • Student status New / commencing
  • Scholarships available 2

How to apply

Follow the step by step process to apply for this scholarship.

Read the Scholarship selection and administration guidelines.

About the Scholarships

The Foundation supports two asylum-seeker students annually, with funding currently committed for two asylum-seeker students in 2020.

Funding will be available for new applications for one asylum seeker in 2021.


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