Matana Foundation Scholarships

  • Category Foundation
  • Location Ballarat; Gippsland; Wimmera
  • Annual value $1,250
  • Open date 14/08/2022
  • Close date 03/03/2023
  • Study sector Higher education; TAFE
  • Study level Certificate; Diploma; FAST (pre-bachelor); Bachelor; Honours; Postgraduate
  • Student type Domestic; International; Refugee; Migrant
  • Student status Continuing; New / commencing
  • Additional eligibility criteria
    • Students living in a regional, remote or rural area
    • Students who have been subject to homelessness or domestic violence
  • Scholarships available 8

How to apply

Apply directly through our Scholarships and Grants portal.

About the Matana Foundation

In 1991, the Loblay family decided to purchase a property where homeless young people could be given a home while they were pursuing their personal and career life choices. Coincidentally, a boarding house became available for sale which was already being used as a refuge for homeless youth, and Vera Loblay House became known as a haven for the nurturing and caring of these very vulnerable young people.

In 2004, after Matana Foundation for Young People was established, the family decided to donate the property to the newly-formed Foundation. So it remains and will continue to remain, a place of safety and hope for the young people who find their place there.

The  Matana Foundation hopes to address pressing issues of youth disadvantage:

  • the unemployment rate of 15 – 24 year olds is almost double that of the rate in the general population; 42% of young people leaving state or foster care are unemployed one year later;
  • young people aged 12 – 24 make up an estimated 36% of all homeless people.