How to apply

Should you be interested in a Foundation Scholarship, please register your interest.  The Foundation Office will email you when applications are open with the relevant instructions on how to apply.

Applications open: Monday 18 January, 2021
Applications close: Friday 26 February, 2021

  1. Available for a continuing domestic Higher Education Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students undertaking studies in a STEAM course – Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts or Mathematics at the Federation University Gippsland campus in the second or third year of their program.
  1. Read the Selection and Administration Guidelines to check your eligibility.
  1. Enter your information into the Scholarships & Grants application system.
  2. Answer the Foundation scholarship question: If successful, a Foundation Scholarship will support your academic study and life / career plans.   In no more than 300 words let us know about your vision / goals for yourself both now and in the long term.
  1. Provide evidence that you are enrolled as an AIME mentor and engaged in the program.
  1. Able to demonstrate that you are residing in one of the following local government areas for the duration of the scholarship: 
    • Latrobe City Council
    • Wellington Shire Council
    • East Gippsland Shire Council
    • Baw Baw Council
    • South Gippsland Council
  2. Provide Confirmation of Aboriginality obtained from your local Aboriginal Controlled organisation and stamped with a common seal of that organisation or; 
    If you do not have your Confirmation of Aboriginality you may submit a Statutory Declaration that declares that you are; of Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander descent; identify as being Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander; are accepted by the community in which you live or have formerly lived. 

    Note: All Statutory Declarations will be monitored by the Aboriginal Education Centre. If a query is made, the onus will be put back onto the applicant to explore and prove their Aboriginality (meeting all three key criteria’s of the Confirmation of Aboriginality)

    Note 2: A Statutory Declaration is a legal binding document. Serious consequences will be applied to those found providing incorrect information and falsifying documents.

  3. Provide two written references 
    Note: If you are unsure what to provide in a written reference, please refer to the example reference. Please do not provide contact details only for referees.  Only written references will be accepted. References will be accepted from an employer, lecturer, colleague, friend etc. References cannot be from a family member

Applicants who do not provide the above information by the closing date will be ineligible.