Making a difference

As educators, parents or alumni, we have all seen students who struggle financially, those who do not have the necessary books, equipment, transport or accommodation to enable them to complete a tertiary education; who struggle with the huge life change of moving away from family to a new and daunting environment.

There are those who struggle with acquiring new skills and knowledge, whose families and home networks are unable or unwilling to support them financially or emotionally; and those who fall between the cracks when it comes to federal or state education support programs.

Of course the University already has excellent student support services but the Foundation enables us to target students whose needs go far beyond what our regular student support programs can offer.

Students who require support from the Foundation are identified either by their secondary school before or during the enrolment process, or later in their tertiary studies when remaining at University becomes problematic.

About our students

  • 80% of our students are first generation university students, i.e. the first member of their family ever to attend university;
  • 75% come from regional and rural areas with many having experienced first-hand the type of adversity common in regional Australia;
  • 75% of our students come from one or more of the equity groups, e.g. low  SES, Indigenous;
  • Many of those who leave home to come to the University are leaving home for the first time;
  • Despite the challenges our students face, those who continue and graduate almost invariably go back and work in regional Australia often in their own regional communities.

By 'making a difference', we will empower and enable our students to go on and make a contribution to regional Australia once they have graduated