Dr Patrice Braun

Position: Adjunct Professor,
Research and Innovation
Location: Mt Helen,
Building F,
Phone: 5327 9465


Research interests

Prof Braun is a frequent contributor to APEC Women and the Economy Forum working towards the economic and social empowerment of women through policy and capacity building activities. She was the Australian focal point for a 5-year APWINC research and capacity building APEC program (2005-2009) to enhance women’s participation in the digital economy.


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Prof Patrice Braun holds an Adjunct Professorship in Research and Innovation at Federation University. She is the Principal Consultant at Patrice Braun Associates and the Director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Women & Technology (APCWT), one of ten globally networked centres to mainstream women in the knowledge economy.

Patrice is an action researcher with a PhD in regional small business network development underpinned by ICT and a Masters by Research on the use of the Internet for community informatics. Her global research and consultancy work in sustainable regional futures and ICT-enabled development focuses on gender economics. Prof Braun has published on gender inclusion, gender-responsive ecosystems and trade practices, knowledge economy skilling, and women’s entrepreneurship as a path for economic empowerment and social change.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Ballarat Business - 2003
  • Masters by Research – First Class – James Cook University – 1997
  • Graduate Certificate of Education (Tertiary Education), University of Ballarat - 2001

Professional memberships and associations

  • Action Learning, Action Research & Process Management Association
  • APEC Policy Partnership for Women and the Economy – private sector rep
  • Australian Research Council – Panel of Experts
  • Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Research Chair
  • Centre for Women’s Enterprise & Employment, Liverpool, UK – Panel of Experts
  • European Centre for Women & Technology – member, advisory panel
  • Foundation Working Women (Stichting Vrouwen aan het Werk) – strategy advisor
  • Global Listening Institute, India – Director, Global Outreach
  • International Taskforce for Women & Technology – Executive Board member
  • Latin American Centre for Women & Technology – Advisory Board
  • National Education & Employment Foundation, Australia – Advisory Board
  • Nedworc – Network in Development Cooperation– member
  • UN Global Alliance for ICT for Development (UNGAID) – regional champion
  • UN Women Gender Evaluation –  registered evaluation consultant
  • VURRN Press – Editorial Board.