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Our engagement focus

There is already extensive positive engagement occurring across the University. Engagement 2020 seeks to allow a more coordinated approach by focusing on eight areas of engagement for FedUni and setting implementation strategies for each area of focus linked to the Strategic Plan.

Engagement 2020 has referred to a range of University Plans in its development to ensure common priorities, objectives, actions. These have included:

  • Learning and Teaching Plan 2015–2017
  • Student Retention and Success Plan 2015–2017
  • Research Priority Areas 2016
  • Social Inclusion Plan 2015–2016
  • Reconciliation Action Plan 2015–2017

The implementation strategies of each of the eight areas of focus are summarised under Implementation and outlined in more depth throughout Engagement 2020.

An engagement road map

Engagement, partnership, and community are flexible terms, subject to discussion and debate, and capable of diverse interpretations and applications. We have chosen to interpret such terms broadly in order to capture something of the creativity, complexity and coverage of the University’s daily business. What distinguishes and unifies our sense of engagement is the emphasis placed on mutual benefit and mutual value.

From this perspective, FedUni’s engagement is multifaceted and multidimensional, scalable, adaptable, reciprocal, and incorporates an array of integrated activities that provide value or benefit to all involved.

Engagement 2020 is a plan to achieve our engagement strategic priority goals. It comprises the first milestone on the path to making FedUni a national leader in university engagement.