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Staff engagement

Our academic and professional staff are the face of the University and provide the greatest influence on students during their study.

Our students will transition to career-seeking graduates under the care of our academics so the role that staff play in shaping the future generation of leaders and innovators can never be underestimated.

Professional staff contribute immensely to the character and quality of FedUni. From that very first enquiry, to personal and academic support during study, and assistance with necessary formalities, professional staff are an equally important link in the chain and together with academic staff, form the internal structure of FedUni.

Engagement 2020 recognises and emphasises staff as key partners in FedUni's mission.

Implementation strategies

  1. Introduce a professional development program concerned with community engagement practices and techniques for staff.
  2. Recognise and celebrate community engagement achievements of Federation University Australia higher education, VET, research and general staff.
  3. Create and implement innovative channels of communication between all Federation University Australia staff.
  4. Include and recognise engagement activities in higher education, VET, research and general staff performance planning and academic promotion.
  5. Attract and retain staff by applying community engagement principles to staff engagement demonstrating that FedUni is a first-class employer.