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Schools engagement

More than one-fifth of our students come from low socio-economic status backgrounds. Almost three-quarters are the first in their family to attend a university.

FedUni must, as a priority, continue to build and expand meaningful relationships with secondary schools so that students are aware of our program and the many pathways we offer to study at FedUni. We must engage with them in a way that adds value and mutual benefit to students, schools, and the University.

In this context, Victoria’s primary and secondary schools are key partners in our engagement objectives and are considered essential in achieving our goal of being a national leader in engagement by 2020.

Implementation strategies

  1. Develop coordinated, innovative and effective school engagement and outreach programs across the University and faculties which raise awareness and aspiration for FedUni and increase applications.
  2. Deliver both teacher- and student-focused secondary school curriculum-relevant programs in the classroom and on campus, showcasing the quality of FedUni teaching and learning and extending engagement with indigenous and low SES cohorts.
  3. Develop units that can be taught in secondary schools with credit towards FedUni programs.
  4. Create, promote and administer scholarships, bursaries and other support to attract and assist students from diverse backgrounds (regional; low SES; Indigenous) to access, participate and remain at FedUni.
  5. Make us the university and TAFE of choice for local prospective students by working closely with and extending the network of feeder schools and their teachers, students and parents, and delivery of quality youth and VCAL programs, apprenticeships and traineeships.