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Community engagement

Our connections with regional, national and international stakeholders is extensive. Community immersion is a defining quality of FedUni. It is essential we share the benefits of community engagement across both the University and our communities to foster mutual growth and development.

The Federation University Australia Act directs FedUni to contribute to the life of the community, and to serve the Victorian, Australian and international communities and the public interest by enriching community life, elevating public awareness of the University’s activities, and by promoting critical thought, informed discourse, and public debate within the University and wider society (section 5).

Just as university learning, teaching and research benefit from direct contact with individuals, groups and organisations, community members feel a benefit when they can contribute to the University. The University is proud of its community engagement and through our engagement road map is actively seeking to develop a more contemporary model as the basis for that engagement, whether at the local, regional, national or international scale.

Implementation strategies

  1. Actively promote and encourage partnerships between community groups, other universities and institutions, representatives and organisations, and FedUni that result in mutual benefit.
  2. Increase financial and in-kind support given to community engagement activities, including maintaining regular exhibitions at FedUni’s three galleries.
  3. Improve community awareness of the scope, relevance and availability of Federation University Australia’s experience, skills, research, resources and commitment to capacity building and social good as a dual-sector university.
  4. Develop a framework to support the University’s community engagement and identify a tool to effectively measure community engagement.
  5. Enhance and recognise professional and personal development for our staff by encouraging their involvement in community organisations, committees and projects.