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LEAP into ... sciences

LEAP was established in 2010 to encourage secondary students from low SES communities to consider the role of higher education in achieving their career goals.  This connection is often overlooked early in the career planning stages.  By focussing on professions and offering students access to a range of universities, workplace and school-based activities, LEAP believes that this experience will enable students to be confident and better prepared when planning for their future.

Jobs that require science are hugely popular – the secret is in the preparation!

LEAP is taking science out of the class room and into the professions to find out how science is used in jobs everyday for everyday people.  Science is a huge part of our lives; however the connection between science and the workplace is not always easy to identify.  Inside jobs, outside jobs, working independently or part of a team, wear a white coat or diving gear or use technology for science communication.  Science can take you anywhere, anytime - and all that is required to start that journey is to LEAP into … Sciences.

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