You won’t believe a maths day could be packed with so much fun. Bring a pen and paper and your most creative thinking. Students (and teachers) who attend this day will:

  • Meet new people
  • Attempt brain stretching puzzles
  • Develop new mathematical skills and faster ways to solve problems
  • Play maths games with your peers
  • Put your creative thinking to the test and compete for prizes
  • Discover how to break difficult tasks into small easy parts
  • Watch and learn mathematical magic tricks
  • Work together to solve challenging problems

Each school can register a maximum of 8 students from Years 7 and 8. Students are asked to bring their own snacks, lunch is provided.

Intentional fun. Enjoying maths for all it’s worth

Teacher PD. Certificate of Attendance provided

Wednesday November 15

Building 5N Room 165, FedUni Gippsland


Morning tea provided

No charge

Registrations open until 5pm 8 November Register now

This is a hands-on workshop with two sessions for Years 7-8 maths teachers.

Session 1:       Creative ways to engage learners

Learn how to engage students of all abilities with a diverse range of curriculum linked games, carefully crafted to provide rich learning experiences and follow best teaching practise. Build skills, confidence and higher order thinking with activities to get your students ‘thinking out loud’.

Session 2:       Developing mathematical language

Getting lost overseas isn’t much fun, especially when you can’t read the signs or speak the language! For a lot of students, solving maths problems feels much the same. The good news is we can do something about it. In this session, you’ll be shown a range of fun, hands-on activities to provide a meaningful context for the use and repetition of mathematical terms. Learning by immersion is the fastest, most natural way to understand language, so let’s make use of it by immersing our students in the world of mathematics.

Andrew from Think Square is facilitating both maths events.