Engineering workforce consistency

FedUni Training: Customised workplace training developed by FedUni for Staley Automation

Engineering workforce consistency

When Federation University Australia (FedUni) approached Staley Automation with a strategy to enhance their company culture and diversify services, owner Mick Staley seized the opportunity.

Staley Automation is a regionally based electrical engineering company supplying state-of-the art automation solutions to clients throughout Australia. The Staley team are each highly educated and skilled within their roles, so Mick was looking for training that would align organisational culture and deliver a consistent approach across his workforce. "Accredited training is the kind of mechanism people use to further themselves as individuals, be we're employing it as a platform to improve our business," Mick explains.

For Mick the training is about drawing his workforce together — "so we're all working along the same lines, and heading in the same direction" — facilitating the cross-pollination of good ideas and best practice processes. "We want to provide our people with a tool-box of common approaches in order to provide Staley customers with a consistent experience," notes Mick.

Geraldine Lewis, Business Development Manager at FedUni, met regularly with Mick to customise training opportunities for his staff, and identify potential funding sources. "FedUni allowed me to align the training to our strategic plan, selecting modules and moving things around to suit the business," says Mick, "while still meeting the diploma criteria."

Geraldine concurs. "At FedUni, we contextualise training and provide appropriate support in response to each organisation's particular requirements," she explains. "We also access every opportunity to ensure training is affordable".

One such opportunity is the Commonwealth government's Industry Skills Fund (ISF) that was created to enable businesses to increase workforce capability and leverage opportunities for growth. The good news for successful grant recipients such as Staley Automation is that the ISF will reimburse the lion's share of the training expenditure — providing strong motivation for small to medium enterprises to initiate professional development.

Several Staley team members have accessed accredited units from FedUni's Diploma of Engineering (Technical), and another four will be awarded either the Advanced Diploma of Management or the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management, according to work role suitability. Specialty educators deliver training on site at Staley's and participants also access the high-end equipment available at FedUni's SMB Campus in Ballarat — allowing for valuable knowledge exchange.

The bespoke programs developed by Geraldine and the FedUni team have enabled Staley Automation to adopt a 'whole team' approach to training. In turn, the Staley workforce is better positioned to maximise the productivity and efficiency of its wide-ranging customer base. According to Mick, "It has been a really good experience."