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Commercial Services is a pivotal agency for marketing the professional capabilities of Federation University Australia (FedUni) and is the principal point of contact when securing services for the University. Operating within a strong business model, the team places a high value on finding flexible and responsive solutions to deliver quality outcomes for the customer. We are dedicated to forging commercially sponsored research, education, training and consultancies that support the University's core values.

Identifying the link between client needs and our capability is paramount. Our business consultants are committed to getting the mix right for FedUni and the organisations we serve, both in the public and private sector. We ensure a totally professional approach in our pursuit of commercially sponsored services and projects.

Recognised for the excellence and scope of our capability, we are increasing on the radar locally, nationally and globally. The wealth of experience held by staff, and the breadth and impact of work undertaken to date, puts us in the sights of any pro-active organisation looking for a vigorous, productive partnership with an academic institution.

We treat all commercial projects with the utmost level of professionalism, honesty and integrity while keeping pricing structures competitive.

Schools and centres across both VET and higher education divisions offer a spectrum of commercial services and expertise.

Within higher education the focus for us is upon commercially sponsored research and consultancy activity, secured through tenders, submissions and direct marketing of research and consultancy capability. The VET sector focuses upon training and consultancies as the principle source of activity and revenue.

There are many benefits to a University that has a strong business focus. In addition to broadening its national and international profile, we continues to build upon our internal capability, diversifying and expanding staff knowledge and expertise as we engage with industry, commerce and government.

We offer our partners rich experience and vast talent, with access to high quality expertise. We have a proven ability to successfully implement diverse projects, on any scale. The excellent commercial efforts of FedUni staff, supported by the professional outfit of Commercial Services.

Staff profiles

Cameron Beyer, Manager, Commercial Services

As the Manager of Commercial Services at FedUni, Cameron has many years of experience working at the business frontline. This has given him a keen understanding of the importance of ensuring research, consultancy and training services achieve measurable improvements for your organisation. Cameron has over 10 years of experience in the education and training sector including Commercial Services and Business Development. Cameron holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Graduate Diploma of Psychology.

Geraldine Lewis, Business Development Manager

Geraldine joined Commercial Services in 2012 continuing her career within the Vocational Education and Training sector. As a Business Development Manager Geraldine offers herself as driven and passionate, providing support to Industry through objective and informed advice to assist businesses to remain sustainable and viable, with a view to growth. Geraldine is currently completing her Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

Geraldine Jones, Business Development Consultant

Geraldine Jones joined Commercial Services in 2015 having previously worked in academic and project management roles at Swinburne University and with the Dual Sector Partnership project. Geraldine has significant experience within the utilities sector with senior management experience in construction, business development and external partnerships with industry, government and community groups. Geraldine is a Certified Project Director and has a Master of Organisational Leadership and bachelors in business and arts from Monash University.

Warwick Howland, Business Development Consultant

Warwick Howland joined Federation University Australia in 2017 bringing ten years of skills and experience gained from working in business development and research management for CSIRO and the Australian Government. Warwick holds a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation as well as qualifications in project management, teaching and engineering.