OGDEN, Prof Ken

Prof Ken Ogden imageYears at SMB



Civil Engineering

Education post SMB

B.Eng (Melbourne, 1986),           MEngSc (Melbourne, 1970),      PhD (Monash, 1976)

Employment History

1969-1996Department of Civil Engineering, Monash UniversityLecturer - Professor, including secondments and sabbaticals
1976Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
1979University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UKTransport Operations Research Group
1980-1982Australian Railway Research and Development Organisation, Melbourne 
1990University of California, Irvine, USA 
1994Centre for Transport Studies, University College, London, UK 
1995Department of Transport, Victoria 
1996-2007Royal Automobile Club of VictoriaGeneral Manager Public Policy
2007-presentKen Ogden and Associates Pty LtdPrincipal