Kylie's story

Photo - Recipient Foundation scholarship Kylie Rippon

Like many of you, I had a desire to study and a calling to do welfare and research.  But here I was ... a single mum with financial difficulties, and a beautiful son who had major epileptic seizures.

I fought day in, day out, to move past these challenges.  I juggled my son's frequent medical appointments around my classes.  The administrative staff at FedUni ended up knowing my routine better than I did.  They would often come into the lectures and tutorials to tell me my son's school had called, requiring yet another urgent race to collect my son.  It ended up becoming a common occurrence to have my son sitting in lectures with me.

Ultimately, the financial burden became too great and I faced a choice:  discontinue my studies and work or investigate ways to follow my dream.  I decided to follow my dream and applied for and was granted a Foundation scholarship.  I was overwhelmed with joy at being given the opportunity to continue with my studies.

It has fuelled me to help others

In fact the 188 others who missed out on a Foundation Scholarship this year!  You may have heard about our mission to grow the FedUni Foundation Scholarship Fund.  It's simple ... we're trying to ensure that more amazing applicants will have their individual roadblocks to study removed.

I'd love them to feel our Alumni community is behind them.  Please consider a small donation.  As a group, we can achieve this!

Yes! Count me in...

Thank you! If you are a current alumni member, log in to myAlumni Centre, then go to Ways to Give to make your gift. Or you can fill out the pledge form (pdf, 57b)  and send to  Donations above $2 are tax deductible.

Involve me...

Attend conferences, events, and network with fellow graduates. Ready to give something back? You might volunteer, mentor or speak at an event! Complete your details online and indicate how you'd like to be involved.

Together we can change someone's story

Thank you, your contribution will allow others to benefit from a university experience.

Kylie, Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

For further information on the Foundation Scholarship Fund please go to the Federation University Australia Foundation Scholarships web page.