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United in your ambition to achieve

FedUni offers a world-class education with hands-on, real-world experience. You will have opportunities to engage with local industry and the wider community, enhance your network and build your employability skills.

At Federation University Australia, we’re united in your ambition to achieve. That’s why we’re proud to offer students a guaranteed industry placement in their chosen field upon graduation*, delivering assurance of outcome and a higher degree of success. The Graduate Professional Internship Program consists of work-readiness workshops and a 12-week full-time or part-time internship placement, helping better prepare you for the real world.

FedUni provides pre-arrival support, meaning your journey begins before you arrive in Australia. From Brisbane airport transfers to Student One accommodation, all the way through to our alumni network, we keep you connected for life.

Our integrated programs with industry partners also give our students the opportunity to gain real industry preparation whilst studying. We’ll even link you with short courses so you can gain additional qualifications such as customer service skills or barista courses, which are often essential for part-time employment. All international students will also have the opportunity to participate in a live industry recruitment experience, shadowed by FedUni Brisbane’s careers service.

When you enrol with FedUni, you’re getting a head start for your career. Our smaller classes will give you the confidence and skills needed to succeed in your chosen field.

When you join FedUni, you join a community for life as you become part of our alumni network. Upon graduation, FedUni careers service will work with you to ensure you are globally connected through alumni networks, including FedUni alumni and the Australian Global Alumni.

Our modern facilities not only help connect our international students but also provide studious working spaces fitted out with leading technology. Enjoy our large teaching spaces and PC labs, student breakfast areas with kitchen facilities, dining areas and sofas, full Wi-Fi access and charging points, after-hours access to library, group study rooms and quiet zones, student lockers and a prayer room facility.

But it’s not only our campus that will make you feel at home. Brisbane is a welcoming city that holds a City Welcome Festival for international students every year. Located in the sunny state of Queensland and ranked among the top lifestyle cities in the world, Brisbane is the perfect place to live, study and work.

When you join FedUni, you’re not just joining a university. You’re joining a collaboration of teachers, thinkers, shapers and creators, united in your achievement.

* Subject to entry requirements