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Discussion series

Education Discussion Series

Federation University Australia is not like other universities. Instead of ranking new student applications based on an academic score, we assesses you on potential and suitability for the program of your choice. Combined with intensive support structures and high quality teaching, you can go on to be a great teacher. This gives us a unique position in the current debate around initial teacher education in Australia.

  • Did you know that students in regional, rural and remote Australia achieve lower ATAR scores that metropolitan students?
  • Did you know that there is an undersupply of teachers in regional Australia, yet two thirds of regional students return to work in regional areas upon graduation?
  • Did you know that our pre-service teachers (new graduates) score at or above the national average in literacy and numeracy testing?

Meet Jarred Lee

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education

"Coming from a rural background, and being the first in my family to attend university the whole experience was a shock and unfamiliar. The university's counselling services played a huge part in helping me through the transition from home to university and through difficult times, ultimately helping me decide to stay."

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