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Wild Grass

Adapted from Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters by Ross Hall

Directed by Ross Hall

Adapted from Anton Chekhov’s wonderful work, Three Sisters, the play is set against a background of a fading imperial Russia and revolves around the lives of Olga, Masha, Irina and their brother, Andrey. Forced through circumstance to live in a remote Russian town, they recall better times when they lived in Moscow with their mother and a military father; when their house was ‘packed to the rafters with thirty or forty officers’. Now, stuck out in the middle of nowhere, it’s ‘as quiet as a tomb’, and they can barely scrape together ‘one and half men’ to keep them company. Their only refuge is remembrance of their old life and a longing for things past; this, and the hope that they may, one day, return to it. Then, out of the blue, someone arrives who has shared this past, a colonel from Moscow with his brigade of men.

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