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Exquisite Corpse

We invite you to attend the first major show of 2021 at the Arts Academy as we emerge back into the night to reclaim our space of live theatre.

A grotesque name for a night of entertainment? The Dada artists in the 1920s played a game called Exquisite Corpse that allowed them to free-associate ideas. David Bowie used this game as a song-writing method, and for us it is a catalyst.

What do Shakespeare, Moliere and Ballarat have in common? They have all taken their inspiration from the stories of The Decameron, mythic tales spun by young travellers sheltering from the plague.

Original stories have been created, mashed up, refracted or set to music by the talented Third Years of the Bachelor of Performing Arts, as they reflect on the life and afterlife of the pandemic.

This soulful yet zany night of original entertainment should inspire you, touch you and make you think. Join us, first in the courtyard off Lydiard Street, and then in the Helen Macpherson Smith Theatre for this special double-bill.

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