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Guerrilla art

University campuses can be eerily quiet over the semester holidays.

Not so last summer at the Arts Academy in Camp Street, down-town Ballarat. Anyone who ventured past our beloved Helen Macpherson Smith Theatre would have heard them; they were un-miss-able. At first you might have thought it was low-flying aircraft. But, no.

Hundreds* of bees visited the campus. Why?

Giant sunflowers flourished. Without warning, and largely without water, numerous sunflowers magically appeared in the garden bed adjacent the theatre. Tall, happy faces swayed artistically, their toes surrounded by retro white pebbles. The place was transformed into aspirations of joy.

And now that autumn is here, they are shedding an abundance of seeds into the garden bed, ready for next spring.

Some say the scene is political, and the yellow petals were a lewd tongue-poke** at the grey chic architecture that surround the otherwise-empty garden bed. Others simply say, “How nice,” and walk on feeling elated at having met with a Beautiful Thing.

Who put them there? Are they part of some mysterious social experiment?

Who knows – just make sure you take a selfie in front of them before they disappear. And while you are there, take some sunflowers seeds for your own garden. Because all of society can benefit from guerrilla art.

*It may have been just two bees making all that noise.
**Unofficial term.