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Bachelor of Visual Arts (Fine Arts)

Transform your skills and knowledge to become a professional artist. In line with contemporary arts practice, you can choose to work across disciplines, including performance, installation, video and new media so you can live the creative life you want.

First year

Introductory activities will broaden your skills and experience. Subjects include two-dimensional and multi-dimensional studios, drawing, digital art and the history and theory of art and design. Learning takes place in studios, workshops, lectures, tutorials, libraries, galleries or another setting, on or off campus.

Second year

Through further in-depth studies and studio-based art practice subjects, you will build upon your skills. You will gain experience in a range of media with an increased emphasis on self-initiated projects.

Third year

Propose a self-directed project incorporating research and contemporary art practice, working in or across different studios as your project demands, and supported by staff from specialist studios.

Our open, flexible, specialist studios include ceramics/3D, drawing, a digital lab, printmaking, and painting. Teaching staff are practicing professional artists with national and international reputations.

Areas of study include: Ceramics/3D, drawing, printmaking, painting, digital art, multi-dimensional art.