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2013 Graduating Actors Company

A Jovial Crew

Play by Richard Broome
Directed by Kim Durban
Costume Design - Melanie Liertz
Lighting Design - Caitlyn Staples
Set Design - Adam (Gus) Powers
Photography - Jodie Hutchinson

A Jovial Crew, or the Merry Beggars is a
Caroline era stage play, a comedy written
by Richard Brome . First staged in 1641 or
1642 and first published in 1652, it is generally
ranked as one of Brome's best plays, and one
of the best comedies of the Caroline period.
(source: Wikipedia)

A Dream Play

Play by August Strindberg
Translated by May-Brit Akerholt
Directed by Fiona Blair
Costume Design - Fleur Thiemeyer
Lighting Design - Rob Irwin
Set Design - Ratartat
Photography - Jodie Hutchinson

A Dream Play (Swedish: Ett drömspel) was written
in 1901 by the Swedish playwright August Strindberg.
It was first performed in Stockholm on 17 April 1907.
It remains one of Strindberg's most admired and
influential dramas, seen as an important precursor to
both dramatic Expressionism and Surrealism.
(source: Wikipedia)