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Olivia Mitchell she/her

Height: 165 cm
Vocal range: A3-D6
Dance: Intermediate

Olivia is an emerging performer from Melbourne, with strong passions in every facet of the performing arts industry – stage, screen, dance, writing, singing and backstage. Prior to 2020, Olivia undertook seven years of ballet and a short course at the Victorian College of the Arts. She gained a position at Loyola College Melbourne as the Performing Arts Assistant, where she was able to teach and direct students, as well as operate lighting, cameras and stage-manage. At the Arts Academy, Olivia devised work for Exquisite Corpse 2.0, and performed in Zoe Becomes a Comet (Jenny Greenteeth), Welcome to Thebes (Euphrosyne), and Metamorphoses (Alcyone/Hermes).