refill station

Aquafil refill stations

Water refill stations have recently been installed at Mt Helen, SMB, Camp St and Horsham campuses through funding provided by SSAF. The stations have a micron water filter that removes chemicals and other elements so you're left with great tasting water.

Location of Water Stations

Mt Helen - Next to the FedUni Store and beside the bus stop

SMB - Located between the Library and the Cafeteria.

Camp St - Located between the Old Law Courts and New South.

Horsham - Located between C and M buildings.

Gippsland - internally located in building corridors

Reducing bottled water

Bottled water

With bottled water having 300 times the environmental footprint of potable town water, it's important the University provides staff and students with fresh filtered water without the environmental impact.  For staff, most departments have switched from delivered bottled water to filtered town water. The financial and environmental savings are significant.

Reducing potable water

Since 2005, water consumption at all campuses has fallen by over 35%. The University has saved water by:

  • Gippsland Campus has an extensive water harvesting program that collects storm water for toilet flushing and washing university vehicles. The campus collects over 2 million litres of storm water per annum
  • low flow shower heads in student accommodation
  • water tanks at Mt Helen portables for toilet flushing
  • new buildings to incorporate water tanks for toilet flushing
  • major leak detection program at Gippsland Campus
  • choosing plants that do not require hand watering
  • water timers on change room showers
  • water tanks in each house at Jemacra Place
  • 100,000 litre capacity water tanks at PITC

Click here to see a consumption graph on Potable Water Consumption (pdf, 124kb).

How can you help?

If you see a leaky tap, toilet etc. please contact Facility Services on extension #9520 and they will rectify the problem.