Strzelecki koala population, distribution and health (2013-2016)

strzelecki-koala-290x210Dr Wendy Wright, Dr Fiona Hogan and Assoc Prof Jenny Mosse are working with PhD candidate Ms Faye Wedrowicz on a study of the Strzelecki koala, using genetic analysis of DNA sourced from koala scats to assess the population’s health and conservation importance of this population. Preliminary results suggest the Strzelecki population is distinct from other Victorian koalas and that there may be deeper genetic structure within the koalas of Strzelecki bioregion.

This work will sample koala DNA widely across the region to increase confidence in the population structure data. These studies will also assess disease prevalence, population range, and investigate population connectivity and landscape factors that may influence koala movements. The research is strongly supported by government agencies and community groups, and has attracted funds from HVP Plantations Pty Ltd and the Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment. It will provide key information to assist in the management of this important koala population.

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Dr Wendy Wright