Restoration of warm temperate rainforest, Gippsland (ongoing)

Restoring Warm Temperate Rainforest, Macks Creek, Strzelecki Ranges, Gippsland, VictoriaDr Wendy Wright is working with HVP Plantations Pty Ltd on a long term ecological monitoring project, tracking the outcomes of an ecological restoration project at Macks Creek in the Strzelecki Ranges in Gippsland. 

The Macks Creek Warm Temperate Rainforest restoration project was established in 2006 and aims to restore and expand a small degraded patch of this rare vegetation type.  The site is adjacent to the Tarra Bulga National Park (known for its Cool Temperate Rainforest) and is owned and managed by HVP plantations Pty Ltd, as part of its custodial native vegetation estate. Harvesting operations do not occur at the restoration site. 

This project is designed to provide ongoing monitoring the regeneration of the warm temperate rainforest ecosystem and periodic assessments are made to compare plots which were restored under different circumstances. It is anticipated the results of this project will point towards best practice in methods and approaches to ecological restoration.

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Dr Wendy Wright