Small scale heat and power plant (2015)

The aim of this project is to build and demonstrate a residential-size CHP (combined heat and power plant) which utilises solar heat to generate sufficient electricity for household and make hot water available for cooking and other purposes. Such a plant would make it possible for those around the world who are deprived from accessing the grid to generate their own electricity. Besides those in remote Australia, this applies to about 600 million people in India, 350 million in China and more in Africa.

Assoc Prof Sultan’s current work in the area of gas expander (which replaces turbines for small scale) feeds into the eventual outcome he is hoping to achieve with this project. Expanders are the most important part of such plants and their efficiencies will make or break the idea. Assoc Prof Sultan has a PhD student working on expanders, and an outstanding student (with an excellent publication list) is applying to enrol in a PhD program on the topic in January. He has also received serious interest from CSIRO to fund the expander project but the new budget has put this on hold.

Further information
Assoc Prof Ibrahim Sultan