Sustainability strategy

The Sustainability Strategy 2016-17 has set a number of sustainability principles and goals to help reduce the University's ecological footprint.

Download the 2016-2017 Sustainability Strategy (pdf, 1437)

Sustainability Principles

  1. Increase reporting on social indicators in the annual report
  2. Provide regular consultation with staff, students and the local community on sustainability@feduni achievements
  3. Continue to grow courses offering sustainability as a core or elective
  4. Increase awareness of sustainability in graduates
  5. Reduce University Greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy consumption
  6. Increase staff patronage on public transport (V/Line train travel)
  7. Reduce waste to landfill and increase recycled waste
  8. Construct new buildings and retrofit existing buildings to reduce energy, waste and water consumption

2017 Goals



Baseline 2013

Goal 2017

Energy Reduce energy consumption by 20%  114,044 gj 91,235 gj
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Co2-e) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Co2-e) by 25% 23,190 (t) 17,392 (t)
Water Reduce water consumption by 10% 79,848 kl 71,863 kl
Waste Reduce landfill waste by 20% 489 (t) 391 (t)
Increase recycling by 20% 218 (t) 261 (t)
TravelIncrease patronage and spend on V/line train travel by 100% $ 44,200 $ 88,400
Reduce vehicle fleet greenhouse gas emissions by 20% 600(t) 480 (t)