Timetabling system access

Apply for staff access to a timetabling system

The University has the following timetabling systems which you can request access to:

  • Enterprise Timetabler (Syllabus Plus)
  • Timetable Data Collector
  • Timetable Class Adjustor
  • Web room bookings approver access

To apply for access to one of the timetabling systems, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download and complete the Timetabling Systems Application for User Access form (pdf, 159kb)
  2. Ask your manager or supervisor to check the request and authorise your form then submit your form via the Service Desk portal.
  3. Once your access has been configured and you have been notified of your login credentials, please make yourself familiar with the relevant training documents applicable to your role.

Update your existing timetabling access

Follow the above steps indicating on the form you are requesting additional/amended access.

Log in to a timetabling system