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Accessing units and rooms by Fedliving staff

University staff, authorised by Fedliving, may enter units and/or rooms for the purpose of inspection, repair, alterations, maintenance, removal of furniture and cleaning at reasonable times. Every effort will be made to respect and protect the privacy of residents. In the event of a resident's room needing to be entered there will usually be two staff present (with the exception of studio and ensuite cleaning). Staff will knock loudly on the door to ascertain whether the room is occupied.

For security, all staff authorised by Fedliving will lock bedroom doors on departure regardless of whether or not the door was locked or unlocked.


The best way to pay your accounts is via the Fedliving Portal accounts tab. You can also pay via BPAY using the details on the bottom of your invoice. You do not have to wait for your invoice to make a payment.

Please contact the Finance Officer via the Fedliving office or email finance.cs@federation.edu.au if you have any account queries or you are having difficulty meeting your fee instalments. Please be aware that if your account is not up to date, you may not be able to access your academic results. If your situation is becoming difficult for whatever reason, please come and speak to us. If left too late, your debts can add up and can cause further concerns in the future with credit applications. Payment plan requests can be made through the Fedliving Portal.


We aim to promote a well-balanced living-learning environment on Res. This includes provision of a healthy social environment as well. We strongly advocate that alcohol is consumed in a responsible manner by all residents. The consumption of alcohol in all Residences must always comply with the Victorian State Liquor Licensing Laws, and also with any Policies on Alcohol and Other Drugs.

Please be mindful of our Code of Conduct regarding alcohol and its misuse. Any activity that promotes or encourages excessive or accelerated consumption of alcohol, group drinks (punch etc.) and drinking games are prohibited. The need for responsible drinking within our community recognises that we all need to ensure everyone enjoys the events and their home safely without impacting on others.

Note: residents should realise that local laws prohibits alcohol being consumed in public places. Police will issue a $200 on-the-spot fine.

Note: alcohol on university grounds is not permitted by University policy. Taking alcohol to buses or other areas of the University outside residence is not permitted and can result in disciplinary action through the residential code of conduct as well as the University's disciplinary process and statutes.

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Ballarat: BBQs are provided for unit and social functions and are located at the LLC, in the BG Quad and also in the PLS Quad. There are also a number of other communal BBQs at other residences. Please be considerate of others by ensuring that the BBQs and surrounding area are left clean after use. Please contact the Fedliving office if the gas gets low or if you need a BBQ. We have some portable BBQs for events.

Gippsland: Electric BBQs are provided for unit and social functions and are located at the South Rec and West Rec areas at the Gippsland Campus, free of charge. Please be considerate of others by ensuring that the BBQs and surrounding area are left clean after use. We have some portable BBQs for events. Please contact the Fedliving office if the gas gets low or if you need an additional BBQ.

Berwick: BBQ's are provided in the student common area for use by residents. Please contact the Fedliving office if the gas gets low or if you need an additional BBQ.


Bicycles are preferred to be stored outside units at all times in places where they do not present a danger to the safety of residents, do not hinder access to emergency equipment or evacuation of the building, and do not stain carpets or damage the buildings. Bikes should be stored in provided bike stands or in residents' room, not in hallways, landings or under stairs.

In Berwick, bicycle racks are provided under the stairs inside the Halls of Residence.


Bullying is totally unacceptable at the Federation University Australia and will be dealt with swiftly within residence. All students, staff members and other members of the University are expected to treat each other with respect. Bullying leads to individual distress, physical and psychological harm so we encourage early reporting of any concerns with bullying.

The University defines bullying as a form of persecution with these key features:

  • Directed towards a specific person or persons
  • Unreasonable behaviour which causes harm to another person's body, feelings, property or reputation
  • Distress for the recipient
  • Repetition of the harmful actions
  • A power imbalance
  • Inability of the target to easily leave or avoid the situation

If you are ever feeling like you are being bullied or are unsure, please discuss this directly with the Residential Communities staff immediately. You do not have to put up with this.

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Candles and incense

Fires within large accommodation facilities are a major concern and a serious hazard. To maintain a safe living/learning environment, the use of candles, incense, oil burners, sparklers etc. are not permitted in any area of the residences (i.e. if it burns, don't use it please!).

Change of licence agreement

To apply for a change of room or termination of your contract, please go to the Fedliving Portal.

Cleanliness on res

The house attendants will do their best to service kitchens and common areas to a high standard regularly but ultimately it's up to the residents to keep these areas in a tidy state on a day to day basis. If the house attendants deem the area to be excessively dirty or untidy they may refuse to clean the space until residents have tidied up themselves.

Due to health and safety requirements all common area surfaces must be kept clear to facilitate cleaning. Any items found in these areas will be moved aside by house attendants. Cleaning chemicals are used in these areas and if spilt could also damage your belongings. Throughout the year residents are responsible to keep their room in a hygienic, reasonable state, vacuum cleaners are available in all units so make use of them and vacuum your room regularly. Living in close proximity with each other also requires special attention to personal hygiene as a courtesy to others.

Code of conduct

Fedliving adopts a common sense approach to living within our residential community and as you would expect, there are requirements that you have signed on to as a resident that we ask you to adhere to. As a member of our residential community, the Residence Code of Conduct (or any of Federation University Australia statutes, regulations etc) is here to protect and support us, to ensure that we live together safely and harmoniously.

Common areas/student lounges

Ballarat: The Living Learning Centre (LLC) is open to all residents and provides space for socialising, studying, and meeting. With comfy chairs, a pool table, table tennis table, TV, DVD player and Foxtel all available for your entertainment. There is also a computers and multi-purpose meeting rooms for all residents to use. The LLC can be accessed with your swipe cards during available times, and can be booked for specific events or use via the RST.


  • Gippsland Residential outdoor basketball/tennis courts - An outdoor basketball/tennis court is available to all Gippsland Residents via access cards. The courts are lit and accessible until 10pm each night.
  • West and South Recreation Halls - The Recreation Halls are available for resident use 24/7 (unless booked – check with the office). These facilities can be accessed 24/7 via access cards issued to all residents. The rec halls have a table tennis table, pool table and TV, DVD player, pay TV and wireless access.
  • West House 37 - West House 37 is another shared resident space which is available for residents for individual or group studies. It has AV facilities and can be booked out by RST and residents. It is a dry space.

Berwick: Berwick residents have access to a number of outside sporting and recreation areas as well as indoor recreation space suitable for a range of activities.


Computers are available for resident use through the campus computer labs, the Living Learning Centre (LLC) in Ballarat, West House 37 in Gippsland or Building 903 ground floor G96 in Berwick. Please make yourself aware of all University expectations with regards to appropriate use and content. Once you have your student number, you will be able to use your Uni email. Please direct any queries through to the ITS Service Desk if you are having difficulties with university services.


Due to health and safety issues, residents are not permitted to cook in their rooms. This applies to toasters, kettles, hot water jugs, rice cookers and all other cooking appliances. Fedliving provides an extensive range of appliances and utensils for the purpose of preparing and cooking meals within the unit kitchens so please use these. Obviously if you're in a studio apartment, your kitchenette facilities in your room are to be used for that purpose.

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Damage and mess on res

At the start of the year, please fill in your room condition report online. This is to protect you. Be as detailed as you can and provide clear descriptions of any marks, stains or damage throughout your room. If any of the items listed in your room inventory report are damaged during the year, please report this to the Fedliving Office as soon as possible. Costs for replacement/repair resulting from damage caused through wilful or careless activities will be charged to the account of the individual(s) responsible. If a guest causes the damage, the charges will be added to the account of the resident responsible for the guest. In most cases, there will be an administration fee added. Please ensure any guests are aware of this, and remember it's your unit too. If unsure, you don't have to let people in. Ask visitors to wait outside while you get their friend to come to them. The units well-being is the responsibility of all its occupants.

Treat res like your home. Don't climb in and out of windows – the doors are much easier to use. If you leave your doors ajar or tamper with your locks you may end up having expensive things damaged or stolen. If you don't make a mess, then you and your friends won't have to clean it up.

Note: Where damage has occurred in a unit, and no individual takes responsibility, the cost of repairs will be charged across each resident in that unit.


Residents are expected to wash, dry and put away all dishes straight after use. House Attendants and operations staff members are not responsible for washing dishes and may remove dirty dishes that are deemed to be a health and safety hazard and dispose of them. If everyone does their bit, then everyone is happy. Remember, some students may have never done dishes before in their life, and making the adjustment can be tough, so a gentle reminder to do the dishes should be all that is required. If you use them, you clean them! Each resident is provided with a tea towel at the beginning of their stay.

Drugs/illegal substances

Drugs/illegal substances are not to be used anywhere on University premises. If anyone is caught using these or having these in their possession the matter will be referred to Victoria Police. In addition, disciplinary action will also be taken by Fedliving and this typically results in immediate eviction. If you suspect drug use on residence, please contact Residential Communities staff immediately.

Those people associated with and condoning such behaviour are treated the same as those using. There is a zero tolerance on residence. Please make the right choice if offered illegal substances, Say No!

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Electrical equipment (Conditions of Licence Clause 21)

Any electrical equipment supplied by Fedliving that is faulty or damaged must be reported to the office immediately. Faulty items will be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Personal electrical items brought into residence must be tagged and tested to meet the Victorian Electrical Standards as soon as possible after moving onto Res.

Ballarat: Fedliving hold Testing and Tagging Sessions at various times during the year (usually week one of classes). These will be advertised in your residence. Please ensure that your items are tested prior to arrival.



  • After hours dial 1800 FED SEC (1800 333 732)
  • During office hours dial 5327 9480 for the Fedliving office
  • Emergency services dial triple zero, 000 for Fire, Police, Ambulance

If the resident support number is not working you can dial security directly on 5327 6333.


  • 24 hour support number 1800 FED SEC
  • During office hours dial 5122 6236 for the Fedliving office
  • Emergency services dial triple zero, 000 for fire, police or ambulance

Note, for most issues, please dial Security who can best direct your call. If fire, ambulance or police are contacted, please dial Security immediately after to alert them of your call to emergency services and they will also direct emergency services to your location.,

If the resident support number is not working you can dial the numbers directly from a mobile phone;

  • Security (general) 5122 6662
  • Duty Manager 0437 403 133
  • Security (emergency) 5122 6999


  • 24 hour support number 1800 FED SEC
  • During office hours dial 5327 9480 or 5122 6071 for the Fedliving office
  • Emergency services dial triple zero, 000 for fire, police or ambulance


Procedures and instructions for evacuations are displayed within your residence. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with these instructions as you will be required to evacuate any time an alarm is activated.

During days of Code Red Fire Danger (Catastrophic), the University will close down affected campuses. During these days, Fedliving may be required to change programs, meal arrangements, and other services may be restricted. Specific notices will go up in your residence during these days with regard to potential evacuation procedures. In an attempt to minimise the risks during Catastrophic Fire Danger Days, we would encourage residents to return home if possible and return to residence after the catastrophic warning has been lifted.

Fire safety equipment

To ensure our compliance with occupational health and safety requirements, there are dry chemical and water fire extinguishers and fire blankets in all buildings and floors in residence, which are checked on a six monthly basis. It is essential for the safety of all residents and staff that the fire equipment is treated with respect. Harsh penalties apply to those who abuse or misuse the equipment. If for any reason you suspect the equipment to be faulty or discharged, please contact Fedliving immediately.

Emergency short-term accommodation

Fedliving can provide emergency short term accommodation to meet the needs of parents and guardians when their son or daughter has become ill or injured and would benefit from parental support. Speak to Fedliving for the cost per night or to make a booking.

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Like us on Facebook to ensure you keep connected.

You may be invited to join other groups for your unit/hall/programs/activities. Be sure you join and get involved.

Federation University against violence

We are committed to providing a respectful, safe and supportive learning and working environment:

Threats, violence, assault, sexual assault, harassment, bullying, family or domestic violence

  • We don’t tolerate it
  • We support those who have experienced it
  • We help each other when we see or learn about it
  • We work together to reduce it through education, action and information

Find out more

Fridges and food lockers

There is a shared fridge in the kitchen of each unit. Please label your food where possible. Keep in mind this is a shared facility and ensure that you remove old food and clean up spills etc. Personal bar fridges are allowed in residents' rooms but must ideally be less than 5 years old and must be placed on a carpet mat to avoid carpet staining. Please Note that these should also be tagged and tested.

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Halls and residences

Ballarat: Fedliving residences are located on and off campus in Ballarat, for full details on the various options, please visit the Fedliving website.

Gippsland: Fedliving residences are located on the Federation University, Gippsland Campus, for full details on the various options, please visit Fedliving website.

Berwick: Accommodation options include ensuite and standard rooms. Full details are available on the Fedliving website.


Harassment of any form is unacceptable. Any such behaviour is subject to the University's policy on Equal Opportunity and Valuing Diversity available on the University's equal opportunity policy web page. If you are concerned about how you or others are being treated, talk with the residential communities staff about the situation. This can be done confidentially and at your discretion.

Health and fitness

Ballarat: Fedliving residents have access to Health, Sports and Aquatic Centre at Mt Helen Campus. The centre offers sports facilities including a gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis, basketball courts and ovals. For information go to the Health, Sports and Aquatic Centre website or contact 5327 9695.
The University and the surrounding region also has a range of sports clubs and facilities.

Gippsland: Located adjacent to West Residences, Latrobe Leisure Centre is the perfect venue to accommodate all of your health and fitness needs. The centre accommodates a variety of different leisure needs including: pool, sauna, gym, fitness classes, squash and stadium sports.
Fedliving also has some sporting equipment that can be borrowed from the West Recreation Hall.
The University and the surrounding region also has a range of sports clubs and facilities.

Health and well-being


It is in your best interest to have a Victorian Ambulance subscription. You can join by calling 1800 648 484, or online at ambulance.vic.com.au.

To call an ambulance from the unit phone, simply dial 000 or the number on the back of your swipe card. Any students who suffer an accident or illness while living on Residence may have an ambulance called on their behalf if deemed necessary by any member of the Fedliving team. Any time an ambulance is called, please alert Security.

Disabilities/special needs

If you have any special requirements (even temporary ones), you should contact the University Disability Liaison Unit on 5327 9757 or visit Disability support page. Please make your needs known to the Residential Communities staff to ensure your needs are being met.

First aid

Many staff are trained in first aid. First aid kits are available across residences and every residence has a bodily fluids spills kit. Any first aid administered should be reported to the Fedliving Office as soon as possible.

Hospital phone numbers


  • Ballarat Base Hospital (Public) call 5320 4275 for the emergency department or 5320 4000 for general enquiries
  • St John of God Hospital (Private) call 5320 2126 for the emergency department or 5320 2111 for general enquiries


Churchill Community Health Centre and Hazelwood Health Centre provides a full range of medical services and is a short walk away.

You will need your Medicare card (domestic students) or health cover details (international students).

The Latrobe Regional Hospital is located between Morwell and Traralgon on the Princess Highway and can be contacted by dialling (03) 5173 8000.

If assistance is required from security in the event of an emergency, please contact 5122 6999


Health Centre (doctors, counsellors and general health)

Don't suffer in silence! If you are unwell, call the Residential Communities for help – they can assist you with contacting the Doctor. To protect the others in your unit, all residents are required to inform Residential Communities immediately of any infectious disease with which they have been in close contact. If you are seriously ill, it is essential that you contact your course / school regarding your academic situation.

Ballarat: The University provides a confidential health service, located at the Mt Helen Campus. Consultations are bulk billed and are available by appointment to all students and staff. We do advise that staff also have/retain their own doctor outside the University as hours and availability are limited.

Contact the doctors, on 5327 9477 or find out more here (including contact details for local health providers).

Gippsland: The Campus Nurse located in Building 3N, opposite the student lounge. Appointments with the nurse and inquiries can be made on phone ext. 26425 or 51226425.

Berwick: Located on the campus grounds, Berwick Healthcare is a General Practice, offering a range of medical services. Address: 76 Clyde Road, Berwick, Phone: 9796 1500, Book online: www.berwickhealthcare.com.au

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As you make the transition from home to Uni, and beyond, you will need to take responsibility for your belongings. Fedliving does not assume liability for loss or damage to personal property by fire, theft, water damage or any other means except to the extent of the law. Insurance of your personal items is strongly recommended. It is important to report any theft or damage that may have taken place in your room to Fedliving and report it to the police immediately.

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Internet - Get connected

Ballarat: We know you are keen to get online ASAP and you will be connect to wireless and in room connectivity (depending on your location). You should take some time read the 'Use of Computing and Communication Facilities Policy' and 'Reasonable Internet Use Guidelines' to ensure you are aware of all the internet requirements here on campus.

Gippsland: There are two main networks for residents:

  • The University provides network (in University computer labs): You will have access to the University network through campus computer labs. Usage and printing costs are charged automatically via your account "log-in". There may be download limits and this depends on the course quota set by your School. Please make yourself aware of all University expectations with regards to appropriate use and content. Once you have your student number, you will be able to use your Uni email. Please direct any queries through to ITS Service Desk. If you are having difficulties with university services, visit Information Technology Services (ITS) website or call 5327 9999.
  • Gippsland Residential internet: Internet services at the Gippsland Campus is extended to residences through wired services in each bedroom. There are wireless access points in all Residences as well as shared recreational locations in West Recreation Hall, South Recreation Hall and West House 37.

Berwick: Internet is available throughout the Berwick residences. You should take some time read the 'Use of Computing and Communication Facilities Policy' and 'Reasonable Internet Use Guidelines' to ensure you are aware of all the internet requirements here on campus.



Laundry facilities are provided in all residences. Please do not use the laundry facilities after 10.30 pm and prior to 7.30 am. Don't forget that other residents need to use these facilities as well so please collect your washing when it is finished. If there are any problems with machines or dryers please log an urgent online maintenance report.

Ballarat: In Bella Guerin and Peter Lalor North, laundries are located in your bathrooms. In all other residences there are separate laundries.

Gippsland: At Gippsland Residence the West, South and North units have laundries in their house, Halls of Residences students share a laundry and each Halls student has swipe card access for this.

Berwick: Laundry facilities are available for use by all Berwick residents within the pavilion student common space.

Licence agreement

You should read the Licence Agreement carefully before entering into it as it is a legally binding document which sets out your rights and obligations as a resident. If you do not understand any part of this document you should seek independent advice.

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  • Mt Helen - Mail can be collected daily from the Fedliving Office. Parcels and Express Post articles are kept in the office and you will be contacted requesting you to collect the item. Students must produce their own student ID card to collect such items.
    For your mail to reach you as quickly as possible here is an example of your address:
    • [Resident's name]
      PO Box 575
      Ballarat VIC 3353
  • Camp St
    • [Resident's name]
      Federation University Australia
      Arts Academy - Fedliving
      PO Box 663
      Ballarat VIC 3353
  • Elsworth St
    • [Resident's name]
      1 Elsworth St
      Golden Point 3350
  • Victoria St
    [Resident's name]
    128-130 Victoria St
    Ballarat East 3350


[Resident's name]
Room (eg. WH01-01)
Gippsland Campus
PO Box 3191
Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841


[Resident's name]
Room Number eg. BA001
Po Box 859
Berwick VIC 3806

Or where PO Box not acceptable:

[Resident's name]
Room No: eg. BA001
Building 955, Fedliving
100 Clyde Rd
Berwick VIC 3806


Emergency maintenance

Emergency maintenance includes anything that may be a safety risk, may cause a safety risk, or is just really important! Examples are essential services like power, water and heating, plumbing issues such as storm damage or flooding from burst water pipes, broken windows, smelling gas or smoke etc. For all essential items like these, contact the Fedliving office immediately during office hours or 1800 FED SEC after hours.

Regular maintenance

From a new light globe to a leaking shower head, most residents will no doubt need to log a maintenance request. In most cases this involves the completion of An Online Maintenance Request. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Fedliving Portal
  • Log in with your Username (student ID) and Password.
  • Click on "Maintenance Tab"
  • Fill out all relevant details on the form. Please provide as much information as possible, including your email address.
  • Click on "Submit Your Request" when you have completed the report.
  • You will be able to see any status updates for your request in this tab.

For urgent maintenance after hours, weekends and holidays please call 1800 FED SEC.

By completing a maintenance request a resident is agreeing to maintenance and/or operations staff to enter their unit/room to follow up the request. If a resident's room/unit has to be entered by contractors or staff, they should be wearing identification in the form of a university staff or contractor badge. Residents should ask contractors or staff to produce identification before they enter the room if none are displayed. If staff or contractors are unable to produce identification, residents may refuse to let them enter.

If you notice any maintenance issues around res then report it straight away. We aim to address minor maintenance issues (such as blown light bulbs) within one working day. Larger issues sometimes take time, so the quicker you let us know about them the faster they get taken care of. Don't assume someone else has done it, and it won't matter if it is reported more than once.

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One of the most annoying things to block out when you are trying to study or sleep is noise! What is regarded as excessive or unreasonable will vary from one person to another and complaints will be assessed by the RST but if someone thinks it's too loud, then it's too loud at any time! If someone needs to ask you to keep the noise down, it's too loud, but if after 10.30 pm, it is expected that noise is reduced to a minimum to ensure that those students who wish to sleep or study can do so without disturbance. There is a low tolerance in residence for people who don't respect the community (See the code of conduct also). If people are being loud and you need quiet, ask people politely first, and they will normally help out. Suggest they go out, go outside, go to another area. You can also call 1800 FED SEC (1800 333 732) for assistance. The overriding priority is always for quiet, regardless of time, day etc.

You can call security (anonymously if needed) for them to come and assist with the situation.

Note: Do not suffer in silence. If this behaviour persists, come and speak to the Residential Communities team at the office.

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Parking permits

Camp Street residents, please note, parking permits are required to park in the zone 4 residential car park. Follow the links to the Fedliving Portal to purchase your parking permit. Following payment, permits are available for collection from the Fedliving office, and should be displayed at all times.

Whilst the Federation University Australia will take care to assist with the safety of vehicles and their contents, no responsibility will be borne by the University should theft or damage occur. If there is an incident such as a theft or an accident, please forward details to the Fedliving team as well as appropriate authorities.



  • Mt Helen residences - Peter Lalor Hall and Bella Guerin Hall
    • Residential car parks are available close to the accommodation units. No permit is required.
  • City residences
    • Camp Street Residences: Registered vehicles may be parked permanently in their allocated marked parking bays under the North building. Parking is only for permit holders. Refer to parking permits section above.
    • Victoria Street: Vehicles may be parked in the car park behind the house or in the service lane at the front. No permit is required.

Gippsland: Resident parking is available across the campus, please observe parking advice to ensure you aren't parked in a permit zone.

Berwick: Resident parking is available in car park C.

Payment plans

If you’re having difficulties keeping up with the monthly fee schedule, please go to the Fedliving Portal to submit a request for an extension.

Public transport

Ballarat: The Mt Helen Campus is located on the Buninyong bus route (Route 21 and 22). The bus stop is located at the front of the University at the flagpoles.

Bus timetables are available here.

From Victoria St, take bus number 15 (Brown Hill) to the city centre, and then bus number 21 or 22 (Buninyong) to the University from there. Ballarat buses use the "Myki" smart card ticketing system.

Gippsland: The Gippsland bus stop is adjacent to building 5N and the outdoor synthetic pitch off Northways Road. Buses connect students to Churchill township, Morwell (including the Morwell train station) and Traralgon.

For more info please visit www.vline.com.au and www.metlinkmelbourne.com.au/timetables/

Please note, passengers exiting the Morwell train station will need to cross over to the Commercial Road Bus Terminal (opposite Harvey Norman) to board the bus service to Churchill.

Berwick: A range of bus and train services are available in and around the Berwick Campus. Please visit the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) for up to date information and timetables.

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Quiet units

Quiet units are just that, quiet. Residents have asked for these as they are focussed on their studies and would like to live alcohol-free. Quiet time is from 9pm through to 9am and alcohol is not allowed within the unit at any time.

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Res programs

Res programs includes different groups that plan, develop and execute various programs, activities and events for the residents, like Res Ball, Res Footy, Res Magazine etc. These groups comprise of interested residents from all Halls and Residences. These groups may include, but not be limited to, Res Events, Res Trips, Res Sports, Res Mag.

Res programs have the following core aims:

Social: Residents meeting each other in a setting outside the normal residential or class environment.
Academic: Where residents are either proving what they know or are learning.
Cultural: Experiencing other cultures or facets of Australian culture, i.e. arts, music etc.
Sporting: Competing against each other in small or large groups or individually or just getting out and exercising
Community: Contributing to the local community, outside the University, through fundraising or community service.

Activities are diverse and aim to meet all resident interests, including anything from Trekking the Kokoda track to skiing in the high country to a relaxing day at the beach or a movie night on res. Get involved and help make Res the amazing place people love to live in!

Residential communities team

The Residential communities team is here to assist with pretty much anything on residence. Speak to any of the residential communities team about any residential concerns. There is phone support 24/7 through the after hours support number 1800 FED SEC.

What do we do?

Alongside all Fedliving staff, we are responsible for the well-being of all students on res. We try to make sure you have a safe and fantastic time on res which includes providing activities, programs, community projects etc. We also deal with any antisocial issues that may arise and are the ones to talk to if you are having concerns at a personal level.

Remember, you are here to study and at all times, so 'res' is a place that should be conducive to study. If you are finding it difficult at any time, please speak up. Speak residential communities staff, as most of the time we can remedy the situation or at least improve it!

A major part of the residential support team is to convey information about all manner of things that may be useful or vital to the residents. Unit meetings are your opportunity to find out what is coming up, get the low down on all the important announcements as well as have your say. It is expected that all residents will attend any unit meetings. If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to find out the information that was discussed.

We are here for you, come and see us when you need to.

Retail services

All the residences have retail services available nearby. Find out more about services available at your campus, opening hours and locations.

Retail Services

Room condition reports

Fedliving uses your condition report as a reference for planning scheduled maintenance and to determine what damage is pre-existing and what repair costs should be passed directly on to Halls of Residence occupants. The Room condition and Inventory report tab is activated around one week after residents check in. You must complete your verification of this report within 48 hours of it become available. An email is sent to notify when this is done.

It is important to understand that you are responsible and may be charged for all damage that is not listed on your room condition report. Because of this it is very important to take the time to accurately fill in your report.

  • Visit the"Fedliving Portal" and login with your portal user name and password. Please confirm these details with the Fedliving office if you have any trouble logging in. Click on "Room Condition & Inventory Report" – Please ensure that your browser is set to allow pop ups.
  • Make your way through the inventory items, check the tenant agrees box where applicable and comment in the Notes section if you do not agree on the listed condition.
  • Check that you agree to the condition of the items as per your comments.
  • Click "Submit" to finalise your report.
  • A member of Fedliving will visit your room after you submit your report and verify any discrepancies listed (if applicable).

Please be specific on what damage is listed (eg- do not write "marks on wall"; instead write "three paint chips on wall to the left of the east window"). Non-specific descriptions of room damage will not be accepted. We strongly recommend printing or saving a copy of the final report for your own records.

Your condition report must be submitted within 48 hours of your arrival. Late submissions will not be accepted. If you don't submit your report you will be liable for all of the damage in your room.


All mattresses must be covered at all times by the mattress protector supplied. This mattress protector is yours to keep, so please wash it regularly.


Each unit/block/residence is responsible for any litter that may be visible around their area and will be asked to collect it if necessary. There are numerous bins for both general rubbish and recycling available around the residences, please use them. Please don't mix general rubbish and recyclable waste because the recycling is rejected if there is general rubbish in it. There is a roster system as a back-up to ensure these services are well maintained.

Each residence has an A-Z guide for rubbish and recycling. Please think twice before you throw any recyclable items in the garbage and vice-versa. Each residence is supplied with a recycling tub to be emptied by house members regularly. Recycling bins can be wheeled to the unit, but please ensure you return them to the stations immediately for use by other residents.

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A number of scholarships may be available to residents. Full details are available online at federation.edu.au/scholarships

Once you have enrolled at a Federation University campus you can register to be considered for the many scholarships and grants on offer through Schools, Federation University-wide awards and in partnership with government, community and industry sectors.

Security - personal and unit

To ensure all residents' safety be mindful to keep windows and doors closed when you are out. Please ensure you are not putting yourself at risk when leaving or returning to res (particularly at night or if intoxicated). For example have your swipe card (or keys) available and try to stick to the main paths, lit areas and have taxis drop you off in well-lit areas.

Please don't tamper with locks or chock unit and/or room doors open. This compromises all residents' personal safety and unit security. Please ensure a safe and supportive environment for all residents is maintained here at Fedliving and we encourage all residents to be proactive in this regard. Please report any faulty alarms, doors or locks immediately.

Gippsland: Smoke control doors – Smoke control doors must be kept closed. The doors should not be left open. The smoke control doors have been installed to prevent smoke travelling throughout the building. It is for your own safety that the doors are left in a closed position.

Looking after your belongings

While on Res, you are responsible for your belongings, including your room. To prevent people 'borrowing' your food, label it and lock it! When not in your room, keep it locked and also close the windows. If nobody took another resident's belongings, we wouldn't need to worry, but people forget to ask, forget to leave an IOU, forget to do their shopping, or are just downright dishonest, so take the steps to keep your things safe.

Short-term accommodation

Short-term accommodation is available for placement students, visiting staff members and TAFE block mode students as well as others. Several properties may be available. Further information is available here.


Our campuses are smoke free zones. No smoking is permitted on our campuses, or within buildings and facilities. This includes all outdoor areas such as gardens, sporting grounds and car parks. Further information is available here.

Residence is a little different as it is your home and not just part of campus, so there are a small number of outdoor smoking areas on residence (at the Mt Helen campus only), where smoking is permitted. Please only smoke in these areas provided and never within your rooms or units.

Student support and services

Student Advisory

The Student Advisory Service is one of the services funded by the Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF) to provide advice and support to students on any matters which relate to a student's educational experience, for example:

  • University legislation, policies and procedures around academic matters (e.g. plagiarism charges, assessment and student progress);
  • Student discipline matters;
  • Appeal processes;
  • Policies, procedures and codes of conduct around complaints (bullying, harassment, grievance);
  • Assistance with complaints about processes that aren't working very well

The Student Advisor can act as a 'sounding board' for students by helping to:

  • Interpret the meaning of a University letter/email/procedure
  • Clarify a problem or issue
  • Document the sequence of events which has led to a particular situation
  • Identify which University legislation, policies or procedures are relevant
  • Review the steps that have been taken by the student and the University/ other people involved to resolve the issue
  • Help prepare an appropriate course of action for the student to take (e.g. write a letter, preparing for a hearing)
  • Identify relevant documents, correspondence etc. to put forward in an appeal
  • Attend hearings or meetings as a student support person

The Student Adviser may also refer the students to other services within the University, for example the Counselling service, Disability Support, International Student Support, Equity, Student Fees, the PASS program. To make an appointment, call 03 5327 6105 or email studentadviser@federation.edu.au

Student careers and employment

The Student Careers and Employment Service is a free service provided to students, assisting you to find part-time and casual work opportunities whilst you are studying, and that all important job for when you graduate. We can also assist with gaining valuable and relevant work experience to compliment your studies through internships, cadetships and vacation work.

The new Edge system allows students to check online for vacancies which meet your search criteria and is a gateway to other services offered by Student Careers and Employment. Book an appointment to see a Careers Counsellor; see what events and workshops are coming up and reserve your place, access resources and useful job searching links through the system, and much, much more.

For more information visit Careers and employability

Phone: (03) 53279910 or Email: studentcareerhub@federation.edu.au

Student leadership

Looking for opportunities and support to increase your leadership capacity?

Want to work on your leadership skills? Looking for a volunteer role at Fed, or in your community? Join the Fed Student Leadership and Volunteering Program - step up into a leadership position, get involved in volunteering, while expanding your leadership potential and 'giving back' to your community. A number of training and skills development workshops will provide opportunities for personal growth, development of skills for the workplace, and exploration of themes around leadership.

Leadership roles across Fed are diverse including Mentors, PASS Study Leaders, Student Ambassadors, Student members on a Federation University Board or Committee, Student Senate members, Regional Schools Outreach Program (RSOP) Volunteers, Sports Team Managers, Clubs and Societies Committee members

Interested in a leadership or volunteer role? Find out more at Student development and community.

Federation University Security staff

The University and Fedliving have security available for students to call on if required. They are here to assist you if it's too noisy, you spot strangers, when incidents happen or if there are issues of safety and security. Please contact them when required; this can be done anonymously as well. You may see security staff on their rounds throughout the night, so stop and say hi to them. They may ask you for identification to ensure our residents are safe, so please cooperate with their requests.

Security Officers work day and night to help provide a safe and secure environment on all Federation University campuses. They are all licensed and qualified in first aid. They provide a broad range of security and safety services, such as conducting patrols, providing security escorts on request, responding to incidents, securing buildings, etc.

Feel free to contact Security Officers any time on the numbers shown below if you require an escort, wish to report an incident, or need some security advice.

For security assistance (non-emergency situations), call:

Ballarat campuses - extension 6333 or call 5327 6333
Berwick Campus
- extension 28555 or call 5122 8555
Gippsland Campus
- extension 26662 or call 5122 6662

Student Senate

The Student Senate is concerned with the improvement of the student experience for all Federation University students (Higher Education, TAFE, VET, VCAL) across all campuses of the University. It involves consulting with and providing an avenue for students to provide feedback in regards to: student amenities and services, Federation University policies and procedures in regards to student life, student life for students based on campus, studying online or via distance education, and the physical, cultural and technological learning environments.

The Student Senate, on consultation with the student body, will make recommendations in regards to the proposed use of proceeds from the Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF).

Anyone interested in finding out more about the student senate should email student.senate@federation.edu.au

Griefline Chinese Helpline

Griefline provides support in Chinese (Mandarin) by a Griefline Accredited Counsellor by phone or Skype. If you need support, call (03) 9028 7951. We offer support through loneliness and isolation, depression, anxiety and stress, migration and cultural issues, family and relationship issues, bereavement, aging and health issues.

Swipe cards / keys

Please ensure every time you leave your room that you lock it and take your keys/swipe card with you. You require these to gain access to your residential unit and your room. These keys/swipe cards are your sole responsibility and if they are lost, you must report to the Fedliving office immediately to have them cancelled and a replacement issued to you. There is no deposit on keys/swipe cards; however, charges do apply for replacements.

Ballarat: If you have a swipe card reader on your door please keep an eye out for red flashing lights. This indicates that the battery is low. Please log an urgent maintenance request for this and enter a comment that the red light is flashing. If you ignore this there will come a time that you cannot access your room.

Gippsland: At Gippsland, each resident has a key for their private room and their house.  Keys need to be signed out when issued, and signed in when returned.

Residents will be charged for lost keys. If you lose your keys, contact Gippsland Residential as soon as possible for a spare set. If the key is not returned, the lock and keys will be replaced and the resident will be charged for the replacement.

At Halls of Residence, residents use a swipe card to enter through the main entrance.

Berwick: At Berwick, each resident will have a resident swipe card for building access and a key for room access. Please contact the Fedliving office immediately if a swipe card or key is lost.

Locked out!

After hours. simply call 1800 FED SEC for assistance.

You can also contact the Fedliving office during office hours on 5327 9480 (Ballarat), 5122 6236 (Gippsland) or 5122 6071 (Berwick).

You must keep your keys/swipe card with you at all times to ensure that you don't get locked out of your room/unit. If you do get locked out, assistance is available as detailed above.

Note: Rooms will only be opened for the room occupant. Proof that the room is yours will be required before the room will be opened.

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Telephones (all residences)

If unit phones are available, outside calls can only be made by using 'Phone Away' cards, which are available from most newsagents/Supermarkets.

Calls to emergency 000 can be made directly or through the after-hours support number 1800 FED SEC.

You are free to call any internal phone by dialling the last 4 digits of any University number. For Gippsland, dial last 5 digits of any number.

Gippsland: for outside calls purchase a '1800' toll free call card online. Remember to dial '0' before dialling in the '1800' number.

Privacy and residents' phone numbers

Please inform family and friends of your phone number as privacy laws prevent Fedliving staff divulging this information to outside requests

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Vacation break (Summer) reservations

If you wish to have a room over the summer break please see contact Fedliving staff well in advance of you requiring accommodation. Check with Fedliving office for current rates for accommodation during breaks and monitor notice boards and the website for further information.

Vacating your room

Greater detail will be provided on this towards the end of your stay with us, however a few tips for now:

  • Please ensure windows and doors are locked, all curtains are attached and all lights turned off
  • Any posters and blu-tac/tape are to be removed from walls and surfaces
  • Food cupboards are to be completely cleaned out and left unlocked
  • Fridges and freezers in common areas to be cleared of all food
  • Your room must be vacuumed and left clean & tidy
  • All belongings removed and disposed otherwise additional cleaning/disposal fees will be charged
  • Please ensure all Fedliving property remains in the room

Vending machines

Ballarat: Snack foods, drinks, and other items are available from vending machines located outside PL unit 9.

Gippsland: Vending machine locations are at the West Rec Hall and South Rec Hall. Gippsland students have vending machines for drinks in the West Rec Hall and both snack and drink ones are scattered throughout the internal corridors of the campus building.

Berwick: Vending machine is available on-campus in building 901

If a machine is faulty, please advise staff in the Fedliving Office as soon as possible and it will be reported immediately.

Visitors and guests

If a guest arrives at the Fedliving office looking for you, the office staff will not provide contact details, but may call you and request that you come and meet your guest. You are responsible for the conduct and actions of your guests at all times, relating to both conduct and charges. So if they damage something or break the rules, you will bear the cost and penalty.

Remember that the facilities within the halls and residences are shared, so if there are visitors who are 'regularly' sharing your room and the common spaces, the use of these facilities by other residents is compromised. With this in mind, you may only have occasional overnight guests and they should be registered and issued a guest pass.

For reasons of safety and security, it is important to know when you are planning to have an occasional visitor staying. Please get an 'Overnight Guest' pass. If you can't provide a valid ID or guest pass, security staff may ask your guest to leave residence. Please remember that your guest is your responsibility and must remain with you at all times. Guests are not permitted to stay on residence in your absence.

Guests must sleep in your room and not in common areas. Guests are permitted to stay for a maximum one (1) night and they must not stay on a regular basis.

Please speak to the Fedliving office to discuss short term accommodation options for visiting friends or family.

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