What meals are provided?

FedUni Children's Centres provide morning tea, a two course lunch and afternoon tea. A Sample Menu is available here (pdf, 71.5kb).

The meals at the Centre are carefully planned to ensure that your child has a balanced diet, and the food and drink offered is nutritious and culturally appropriate. Healthy eating habits are promoted. The menu is displayed in advance in the kitchen, so you know what your child will be eating. The only food that we ask you to bring into the centre regularly is a piece of fruit.

We believe that if children can select fresh fruit to bring into the centre this will instil and encourage children to contribute and share within their world. This fruit will then be shared amongst their peers and will also provide the opportunity for children to try something different. As part of our food safety policy, we are that children do not bring any other food into the centre other than fruit.

Please let staff know of any special dietary requirements your child has eg. cultural, religious, medical. Meals are planned to accommodate individual special diets where possible. Our centres aim to provide a NUT FREE Environment (although this cannot be guaranteed) and at no time should nuts come into the building. We also ask that if your child has had peanut butter before coming to the centre that you wash their hands and face.