What do I need to pack for my child?

  • Each child should bring a complete change of clothes (including underwear and socks) in a suitable named bag or backpack. Infants may need more than one change.
  • You are welcome to bring a water bottle for your child to drink from during the day, please ensure it is clearly labelled.
  • If your child is in nappies, bring him/her into the Centre wearing one of your own nappies. The Centre uses disposable nappies throughout the day. You are welcome to provide a home nappy for him/her to wear home if you'd prefer. Whilst your child is being toilet trained please bring a lot of extra underwear, trousers and socks, etc.
  • To help avoid accidents we ask that children wear appropriate shoes or sandals rather than thongs whilst at the Centre.
  • Babies' bottles are to be prepared hygienically by the parent and clearly labelled. All bottles are to be cooled and then transported to the centre appropriately (preferably in an insulated container). All bottles must be signed in to state that they were prepared hygienically and transported correctly and then placed in the fridge immediately.
  • In cold weather a warm coat is necessary. A pair of slippers would be appreciated for indoor play.
    On hot days please remember to send an appropriate sun hat and dress your child in sun protective clothing i.e. not sleeveless. The Centre provides sunscreen for the children although we ask that you please sunscreen your child prior to arrival and inform staff of this. Parents are welcome to view the relevant FedUni Children's Centre Sun smart policy and procedure.
  • Special security toys like a dummy, blanket or teddy are most welcome in helping children settle to sleep – these must be clearly labelled. It is difficult to be responsible for any other toys that children bring from home and it is often disappointing if they are broken or lost. It is best for all concerned if they are left at home.
  • The Centre will provide smocks for messy play; however please dress your child in appropriate play clothes. Please label all your child's clothing. Any unnamed clothing found at the Centre will be placed in the lost property bin in the foyer.