Residential Support Team Expectations

As a volunteer FedUni Living community leader and ambassador, you will be expected to support your community and set a good example – working within the Residential Support Team (RST) to promote the FedUni values and goals.

Your behaviour and interpersonal skills need to be exceptional. You will work alongside other members of FedUni Living and the RST to monitor the residential community and assist in identifying any potential issues. Potential issues may have an impact on the residents and their experience and may involve personal conduct or situations within the University or wider community that may affect FedUni, FedUni Living, the RST or the residential community.

You will be provided with guidelines on the contribution you'll be expected to make. These guidelines will reflect the areas of expectations outlined below and will contribute to the efficient management of the RST, providing our residents with the best possible residential experience.

You will possess strong resilience and communication skills giving you the capabilities and confidence to seek suitable resolutions.The role and responsibilities will present challenges, however you will also be provided with extensive training.

You will possess a firm understanding of the importance of individual privacy and the confidentiality of procedural matters discussed within the Residential Support Team.

Knowing you've made a positive contribution to the residential community and in the lives of other residents is very rewarding. You will encounter a range of opportunities, develop essential skills, participate in events, workshops and various other professional development programs, develop your leadership, problem solving and interpersonal skills, as well as making some amazing friends, and being part of a year that you will never forget!

"Being an Residential Advisor has been an awesome experience for me this year."

"I have been given opportunity after opportunity to represent Federation University and FedUni Living Residence as a young eager leader and role model.

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Some of my highlights as a Residential Advisor have been meeting HRH Prince Edward at a Luncheon held by the University, taking part in the opening ceremony of the FedUni Living Indigenous Garden, and taking part in organising Res Events alongside my teammates and fellow RA's. But mostly I love the day to day roles of an RA. The caring for people, helping the residents that I live with in all parts of life, teaching them to cook, do their washing, or maybe just being someone they look forward to telling their day about. 
Being an RA can have it's challenges at times. You will learn a great deal about other people and most importantly yourself. You will also learn about time management, and gain people skills. I would whole heartedly recommend the experience to anyone and everyone who has a passion for people and wants make the most of their residential experience."

- Isabella, FedUni Living Residential Advisor 2018

RST Expectations

As a volunteer member of the RST, the main areas of expectations include;

1. Personal development and welfare

  • Work in conjunction with FedUni Living staff as part of the RST taking particular interest in the residents of the assigned units/rooms.
  • Provide the first point of reference for complaints, pastoral-care issues and personal support to residents, and refer residents on to the appropriate FedUni Living staff as required.
  • Demonstrate leadership and support in your residential units.
  • Establish an appropriate relationship with each resident in your allocated units.
  • Be aware of attitudes and behaviourial patterns of the residents in the unit (as well as the wider residential community) and refer any concerns or issues on to FedUni Living as appropriate.

2. Living environment

  • Be actively involved in the life of your Hall or Residence community. Have an intimate knowledge of the community, get to know the residents and be aware of what is happening in the Hall or Residence and regularly report on this.
  • Promote an appropriate living, learning environment within your residence by encouraging participation and ensuring residents have the best possible opportunities to achieve success via adherence to the Conditions of Licence and Code of Conduct.
  • Deal with minor conflicts and breaches of rules and regulations, and refer breaches and incidents to FedUni Living.
  • Maintain effective relationships with residents, and resolve problems that arise between residents in a constructive and fair manner.
  • Uphold and model exemplary conduct by adhering to FedUni Living Residential Licence Agreement and Code of Conduct.

3. Promotions and information

  • Develop, display and/or distribute a range of information sheets, flyers and/or newsletters as a means of promoting activities and for disseminating educational information.
  • Be active within residential social-media communities – promoting FedUni Living and residence activities in an appropriate manner.
  • Provide information to residents as required regarding studies, FedUni Living, events, facilities, the local area etc.
  • Participate in “service projects” as facilitated by FedUni Living.
  • Be available to contribute to Open Day preparation, presentations and tours, and be available to participate in all essential activities and dates as discussed.
  • Carry out any reasonable request as directed by FedUni Living.

4. Community development

  • Make regular contact each week with FedUni Living staff in order to communicate relevant information within the Hall or Residence and attend regular meetings as requested.
  • Facilitate unit/house meetings at least fortnightly.
  • Be available for after hours rostered duty.
  • Follow all procedures as outlined in the Residential Support Team Handbook and attend Formation & Training.
  • Actively promote and participate in community life, encouraging others to do the same.
  • Work and communicate using various media, to lead groups using a range of skills and techniques to achieve set goals and to provide feedback on performance matters.
  • Promote and support cultural-lifestyle diversity by organising and participating in social, recreational and educational activities.
  • Have a strong involvement and presence during orientation and compass programs and activities (semesters 1 and 2).
  • Help residents develop a respect for others and the property of their residence and FedUni Living.
  • Actively promote sustainable and environmentally friendly living.

5. Social and recreational

  • Organise a variety of activities that cater to the diversity of the community.
  • Provide support and guidance to residential committees, focus groups and/or societies.
  • Contribute particularly to one or more aspect of your residence – for example, facilitating activities associated with:
    • community functions and events
    • sports and recreational
    • information-technology activities
    • promoting multicultural understanding
    • academic support
    • environmental initiatives
    • health and well-being
    • social media and communications
    • promotions, expos, tours and events

6. All volunteers are expected to undertake the responsibilities of this leadership position adhering to:

  • The Staff and Child Safe Codes of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure;
  • Equal Opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation and requirements;
  • the requirements for the inclusion of people with disabilities in work and study;
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) legislation and requirements; and
  • Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV) legislation.

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