Compass Weekend, Gippsland

Life on Res is going to be amazing and the first weekend is even better. Our 'Compass Weekend' is exclusive to our first year residents! The weekend involves a huge variety of events and activities and most importantly, a chance for you to meet other first year residents and your Residential Advisor (RAs). The weekend gets you off to the best start at FedUni! Don't miss it!

What to bring to Compass Weekend

  • Shoes and clothing to do anything from activities inside and outside, to a semi-formal dinner (beach party theme)
  • A hat, sunscreen and drink bottle
  • Bring some money to purchase your lunch on Sunday (all other meals will be provided)

What not to bring

Compass Weekend is an alcohol-free period on Res. This means that during this time no alcohol is to be consumed anywhere on Res.

Expect a phone call from your RA beforehand too. They're here to help with any questions you might have across the year.

Find out what past residents have to say about the compass program and why you should get involved!

Gippsland Compass WeekendGippsland Compass Weekend