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The program provides opportunities for residents to become more involved and make a tangible contribution to the residential community. Speak to your RA over Compass Weekend for more information.

Many activities and events are organised for residents to enjoy including social sporting opportunities, trips, theme nights, unit activities as well as the annual 'Res Ball'!

Get involved and make the most of your Res experience! There is always so much happening, and so many opportunities available to you.

Are you interested in joining and being involved in Res programs in 2017? Would you like to help organise a trip to the snow, plan res ball, run Res footy or host a Mexican night on Res, maybe there is a charity you are passionate about and would like to organise a fundraiser, or maybe a weekly Zumba session is more your style? Whatever your interests we are keen for you to be involved and make res the most enjoyable experience possible.