Bella Guerin Video Transcript

Hi, welcome to Bella Guerin, or as us ressies know it as, BG. I'm Brooke, and I study exercise and sport science at Federation University Australia. I'm also a residential advisor living here on BG. Let me show you around.

Welcome to my unit. We share the unit between 11 people over two floors, we have two bathrooms, one on each level. The living and cooking areas are communal as well.

There are lots of activities for our residents to do. They are never bored. First is Compass Weekend, just for first years, then we move onto snow trip, surf trip, netball, football, basketball, and heaps more.

BG is in a great location, really close to my classes and we're also close to the gym, and as a bonus for residents, we get a free membership. We're also really close to everything campus has to offer, like the library, FedUniStore, and the Hub.

Welcome to the Living, Learning Centre or better known as the LLC. You can come here, hang out with friends, watch TV, study, you can even have a little study session in the meeting room. Hope to see you soon.