• Behaviour of concern:  Behaviour that creates a reasonable apprehension of violence.  Examples include making threats, bringing a weapon on campus, harming oneself, persistently glaring at a person, adopting a menacing posture, and forms of harassment.
  • Subject:  A person who exhibits behaviours of concern.  In some situations, several subjects may engage together in behaviours of concern (e.g. gang violence).
  • Target:  A person, group of people, institution or faculty that appear to be targeted by a Subject.
  • Threat:  An expression of intent to do harm.  It can be oral, written, gestural (e.g. throat-slashing gesture) or symbolic (e.g. drawing, image).
  • University community:  All the people who have an association with the University.  This term includes all staff, members of Council and committees, students, tenants, visitors, contractors, and people representing the University off-campus.
  • Violence:  The actual, attempted or threatened exercise of any force intended to cause physical or psychological harm to a person.

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